Complete bibliography of Ciro Discepolo

The Italian publisher Armenia published his following works :

Cancro, 1977, 124 p. An essay on the sign of Cancer with the astrological portrait of Ingmar Bergman. No longer issued.

Nuova guida all’astrologia (4th revised edition), 1998, 817 p. First edition: 1979. It’s a best-seller of its kind, having being re-issued four times and reprinted about fifteen times. Over 50,000 copies of this book have been sold; a great many Italian astrologers have studied on it. It covers a brief section on the history of astrology and about astronomy applied to astrology. It explains how to compute a horoscope; it also contains ephemerides so that readers can teach themselves to cast a nativity. It also explains the meaning of the planets in the signs, in the houses, their angles and so on.
Gli astri del successo, 1979, 237 p. A collection of the astrological portrait of 25 VIPs of the politics and entertainment. It’s been out of stock for years.

Le Effemeridi dal 1900 al 2010, 1984, 707 p. The current edition covers years 1920 to 2000. A large-size book. It deliberately omits the celestial latitude and the declination of celestial bodies, as those elements are seldom used by the majority of astrologers, and they would have considerably raised the price of the book. For a professional use.

Le tavole delle Case, 1984, 200 p. It lists the direct values for both the North and South hemisphere, thus avoiding any conversion computing. For a professional use.

Guida ai transiti, 1984, 459 p. (3rd edition published on February, 2000). Today the volume is entitled "I transiti" but it covers three fundamental topics: transits, Solar Returns (with interpolation tables for manual computation), and primary directions with conversion tables for manual computation.

Astrologia applicata, 1988, 292 p. Mainly facing elective astrology: what is the best moment to found a society, to get married, or to undergo an operation, etc. It has been missing for over a dozen of years, until it was reprinted in June, 2002.

Le Effemeridi dal 2000 al 2050, 1991, 300 p. A large-size book. It deliberately omits the celestial latitude and the declination of celestial bodies, as those elements are seldom used by the majority of astrologers, and they would have considerably raised the price of the book. For a professional use. In summer 2002 a new edition was issued, with a completely renewed graphic design.

Il Nuovo Dizionario di Astrologia, 1996, 392 p. It contains several hundreds of nativities of celebrities illustrating the various entries, such as JOURNALIST, ACCIDENTS, RELIGIOUSNESS, ASTROGEOGRAPHY, SOLAR RETURNS, etc. It has almost sold out.

Transiti e Rivoluzioni solari, October 1997, 508 p.; 580 p. in its 2nd Italian edition. NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH (TRANSITS AND SOLAR RETURNS). A new system for two ancient methods". It explains the 30 rules that can lead to a correct reading of the events of a year, whether you practise the so called aimed (or targeted) birthdays or not. This volume contains 100 examples of important events in the life of celebrities, and it explains the concept of “Index of riskiness of the year”. This book has met a great success. It is almost at the 3rd edition; it was also published in France by the prestigious publishing house Éditions Traditionnelles, and after a very few months from its appearance in the bookshops the first run is on its way to being already sold out. The 2004 edition of this book (3rd reprint and 2nd edition in Italy) has 580 pages.

Piccola guida all'Astrologia, October 1998, ca. 250 p. For beginners. It contains also reduced ephemerides to cast and draw the nativity of people born in Italy in the last decades.

Nuovo Trattatto delle Rivoluzioni Solari, September 2003, 216 p. Its postface outlines links between Aimed Solar Returns and psychoanalysis, ASR and mythology, ASR and magic, ASR and Roman ancient religion, ASR and animal predation. This book contains also a real-life, verifiable example to demonstrate –in an almost absolute and maybe definite way– the validity of ASRs.

Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia, February 2004, 784 p. The first section covers the rectification of the time of birth. The second section is about the dating of events between a given Solar Return and the following one. The third section is a miscellany of quite technical subjects (for example “The praise to Placidus”) Finally, this large-size book –that belongs to the blue series of Armenia’s (a series in which there are 8 texts from the same Author)– offers a postface of epistemological nature. REMARK: This text is not a new edition of GUIDA ALL’ASTROLOGIA. In fact, it does not contain a single page from that book.

Elementi di Astrologia medica, January 2006, 246 p. As the Italian title says, elements of medical astrology.

L’Interpretazione del Tema Natale – September 2007, 336 p. The interpretation of the Natal Chart is, probably, the miliary stone of everything the whole Astrological Know: the point of confluence of this science in which converge, in an accumulation of fascinating synergies, disciplines as the astronomy, the astrology, the mythology, the psychology and one hundred other Knowledge that together they form what we should intend for Holistic Knowledge. The teacher of astrology, enriched by many years experiences has the gift of the synthesis, the ability to photograph in an instant the Microcosm-Macrocosm that through the glyphs of stars, houses, angular aspects, contain past, present and future of every human being.
We are to the university of the astrology and not by chance the author, one of the more affirmed to the world, have intended to risk him in the layout of this brief essay offshore the turn of boa of his own professional jubilee (understood as number of published works).
With the simplicity that countersigns him, Ciro Discepolo, also in this occasion has succeeded in handing to the neophytes and the more experts, the most difficult concepts, made in direct form, easy, immediately enjoyable, disclosing unpublished, knowledge for a long time meditated, even small secret of that that it necessarily has to call the Interpretative art in Astrology.
As it is his habit the author offers over fifty examples to support of the exposed theories, examples for him more than famous characters, revisited completely in comparison to the past or read for the first time for the joy of his disciples.

The Italian publisher Capone published his following works:

- Prontuario di calcoli per interpolazioni, 1979, 72 p. A large size book. It’s been out of stock for years.

- Politici: 40 oroscopi e 80 rivoluzioni solari ###, 1982, 125 p. As the Italian title says, 40 nativities and 80 solar returns of politicians. It’s been out of stock for years.

- Tavola delle Case Placidus per latitudine SUD, 1982. It’s been out of stock for years.

- Effemeridi 1700-1800*, 1982. This is a historic book, because when it was published nothing similar existed on the international market.

- Astrologia sì, astrologia no**, 1982, 198 p. A book of epistemological nature. It’s been out of stock for years.

- Effemeridi 1582-1699*, 1983. This is a historic book, because when it was published nothing similar existed on the international market.

- Effemeridi giornaliere 1920-2000***, end of 1988, 100 p. As the Italian title says, it contains the daily ephemerides 1920 to 2000.

- Il sale dell’astrologia, 1991, 144 p. It’s been out of stock for years, but a printed copy it can be obtained writing to Most concepts from this book have been resumed and developed in "Astrologia Attiva", published by Edizioni Mediterranee.

- Effemeridi professionali 2000 - 2010, 1998. Covering the Black Moon, Lunar apogee, Asteroids, Fixed Stars, New Moon, Eclipses, Latitudes and Declinations, and so on.

The Italian publisher Curcio published his following works:

Scuola di astrologia, vol. II (le effemeridi e le tavole delle Case), 1981, 280 p. As the Italian title says, it’s the 2nd volume of a practical course of Astrology, containing the ephemerides and the tables of Houses.

The Italian publisher Albero published his following works:

Come scoprire i segreti di un oroscopo, 1988, 253 p. This book illustrates some concepts that are fundamental for the interpretation of a nativity chart; for example, it explains that a subject’s libido is made evident by the position of his/her Sun, Mars, or of a stellium, in the Houses of nativity. This book also explains the concept of “compensated” signs. It also contains many portraits of celebrities.

The Italian publisher Nuovi Orizzonti published his following works:

250 oroscopi importanti, 1991, 144 p. The nativity charts of 250 VIPs of history, politics, and entertainment.

As the Ricerca ’90 publisher he published the following works:

Ritratti di celebrità, 1991, 144 p. It’s been out of stock for years. As the Italian title says, it’s a collection of astrological portraits of celebrities.

Osservazioni politematiche sulle ricerche Discepolo/Miele, 1992, 200 p. It’s the complete report on the researches Discepolo/Miele concerning the astral heredity, covering over 75,000 subjects. These researches led to statistically significant results, according to the report of the University professors who examined this study. Preface by André Barbault. This book also contains a section in French and in English. In Belgium it was awarded as the second best book of the year. It’s been out of stock for years.

Da Costanzo a Nilde Jotti, 1992, 144 p. A collection of astrological portraits. It’s been out of stock for years.

300 oroscopi importanti, 1992, 144 p. The nativity charts of 300 VIPs of history, politics, entertainment, and so on.

Per una rifondazione dell'astrologia o per il suo rifiuto°, 1992, 200 p. Criticism, reflections and in-depth analyses of topics related to astrology. With contributions of distinguished Italian astrologers, but also of scientists and intellectuals.

Breve guida alla consultazione astrologica, 1993, 40 p. Not on sale. It helps understand the meaning of an astrological consultation.

Trattatto pratico di Rivoluzioni Solari, 1993, 204 p. Out of print; also the second edition of this book, by Blue Diamond Publisher, has been sold out. It contains the essential elements to understand SRs according to the school of Active Astrology.

Astrologia: sì e no°°, 1992, 235 p. A book of prevailingly epistemological nature. It contains many questions and answers for and against astrology. It's been out of stock for years.

La ricerca dell’ora di nascita, 1994, 62 p. As the Italian title says, it’s about determining (rectificatiing) the time of birth.

Estri & Astri, 1994, 144 p. Some of the best from a column published for many years on different newspapers. It's been out of stock for year.

Ci siamo con la datazione informatica degli avvenimenti? - 168 pp., 2007. AstralDetector is a new excellent software.


Geographical Atlas for the Solar Returns - in English - 136 p., 2008,

As the Blue Diamond Publisher he published the following works:

Guida al personal computer, 1994, 128 p. As the Italian title says, it was written to help astrologers make use of a personal computer.

Esercizi sulle Rivoluzioni Solari Mirate, 1996, 96 p. As the Italian title says, it contains practical exercises of Aimed (Targeted) Solar returns.

Effemeridi professionali 1870-1900°°°, 1996, 192 p. As the Italian title says, professional ephemerides. Difficult to find in the edition of other foreign publishers.

Elementi di Astrologia professionale#, 1996, 96 p. It helps you choose your sons’ profession.

Introduzione alla sinastria#, 1996, 112 p. The basic concepts to study a comparison chart. It also gives the rules to assign a tentative score to the couple.

Astro & Geografia##, 1996, 96 p. How to choose the best places to
move to, and/or where you may achieve the best results on career, health, love, etc.

Effemeridi professionali 1850-1869, 1998, 120 p. As the Italian title says, professional ephemerides. Difficult to find in the edition of other foreign publishers.

Effemeridi professionali 1830-1849, 1998, 120 p. As the Italian title says, professional ephemerides. Difficult to find in the edition of other foreign publishers.

Circa 200 oroscopi di VIP dello spettacolo, 1998, 120 p. Nativities of ca. 200 celebrities.

Ariete, 1999, 120 p. A monograph on the Ram. With the astrological portrait of Giacomo Casanova.

Toro, 2000, 120 p. A monograph on the Bull. With the astrological portrait of Susanna Agnelli.

Supporto tecnico alla pratica delle Rivoluzioni solari mirate, 2000, 136 p. A lot of useful technical information to help you organize your aimed birthdays

Atlante geografico per le Rivoluzioni solari%%, 2001, 136 p. A useful atlas to help you organize your aimed Solar Returns.

Quattro cose sui compleanni mirati, 2001, 104 p. Questions & answers about practising the Aimed Solar Returns.

The publisher Edizioni Mediterranee published his following works:

Astrologia Attiva, autumn 1998, 144 p. The basic concepts that guides you into practising the exorcism of symbols and the Aimed Solar Returns. It explains how to “discharge” your dissonant transits and how to potentiate the harmonic ones.

The publisher Éditions Traditionnelles in Paris published his following works:

Traité complet d'interprétation des transits et des Révolutions solaires en astrologie, December 2001, 504 p. It's the French edition of the successful Italian volume "Transiti e Rivoluzioni solari”, published in Italy by Armenia, which has almost reached its 3rd edition.

This book is out of print and sought-after in France, where you can read a lot about if in the forums of astrology. It may be available in some foreign libraries:
Bibliothèque Nationale 58, rue de Richelieu F - 75002 PARIS FRANCE
Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève 10, Place du Panthéon F - PARIS 75005 FRANCE
Bibliothèque Publique Centrale rue des Riches Claires, 24 B - 1000 Bruxelles Belgio
Bibliothèque Centrale 22, rue Traverse F - 29200 BREST FRANCE
Bibliothèque Nationale de France Quai François Mauriac F - 75013 PARIS
Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand 79, rue Nationale F - 75013 PARIS FRANCE
Bibliothèque de Bonneveine Leon Gabriel Gros Centre vie de Bonneveine F - 13008 MARSEILLE FRANCE
Bibliothèque de la Cité Place des Trois-Perdrix, 5 1204 Genève SUISSE

The publisher DFT Húngaria in Budapest has published his following works:

365 nap alatt a Föld körül a szolárhoroszkóppal - 190 p., May 2006

The publisher Založba Astrološkega inštituta, 2007 ([Ig] : Fleks) in Ljubljana has published his following works:

- Temelji medicinske astrologije : osnove za razumevanje človekove patologije s pomočjo nebesnih teles / Ciro Discepolo. - Ljubljana : Hermes,

Furthermore, several writings of his can be found in other books and magazines, both Italian and foreigner.
The list would be quite extensive, so that one cannot probably reconstruct it, not even partially. Thus we’ve listed hereunder only about ten essays, published on the prestigious journal l’astrologue, edited by André Barbault and published by Éditions Traditionnelles in Paris.
Numéro 38 - 1977 Recherche astrologique sur la schizophrénie - Psychologie et astrologie
Numéro 47 - 1979 La libido et l'investigation astrologique - Psychologie et astrologie
Numéro 54 - 1981 Astralités d'Alberto Moravia - Etude de thème
Numéro spécial 61, Astrologie mondiale - 1983 Un millénaire de conjoncture mondiale - Astrologie mondiale
Numéro 63 - 1983 Enquête sur l'hérédité astrale - Statistiques
Numéro 67 - 1984 Nouvelle enquête sur l'hérédité astrale - Statistiques
Numéro 75 - 1986 Statistique sur 834 nominations ministérielles - Statistiques
Numéro 94 - 1991 Nouvelle recherche sur l'hérédité astrale - Statistiques
Numéro 106 - 1994 L'Hérédité astrale sur 50000 naissances - Statistiques
Numéro 125 - 1999 Astrologie activiste - Réflexions sur l’astrologie

Ciro Discepolo
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