Active Astrology

Introduction to Solar Returns and Active Astrology
Those who visit this section, entirely dedicated to the theory of Solar returns, at the beginning of their reading will be surprised, then intrigued, and probably going in depth ... certainly fascinated

Further considerations and observations regarding Solar Returns
So we’re leaving...? Absolutely! But for what destination? For the one most suitable to "capture" the best birthday sky for you in that year!

Longitude and latitude in choosing an RSR – Signs of short and long ascension
To go into a little more detail from a "technical" point of view in the fascinating world of RSR it is indispensable to know few but essential concepts of geography

A few simple geographical concepts to orientate yourself
The geographic coordinates of a place have a lot to do with our destiny, the same importance they had at the moment of our birth, that's why it makes sense relocating on the day of our birthday

The Solar Return Ascendant in the twelve houses of the birth chart
Our SR Ascendant is the first of four factors listed by Ciro Discepolo in the list of the four most important elements to consider in an SR

The exorcising of symbols and Active Astrology
But what does exorcising the symbol of a planet mean? The concept of “exorcism“ is borrowed from psychoanalysis, which is originally called "constellation of the symbol" where "constellation" means: activate the symbol, live it, put it on stage

The meaning of the angular aspects between the planets in an SR
The basic rules which Ciro Discepolo established regarding the angular aspects in a SR chart are very simple: he declares that such aspects are absolutely insignificant

Dating events in the Solar Return chart and Transits interpretation in relation to an on-going SR
Dating events in the context of an SR is the goal, the ambition of all those who wish to use astrology as a prediction tool, Ciro Discepolo has defined very useful rules which we will explain below

Lunar returns: what are they and what are they used for
In this part of the section dedicated to Active astrology you will in fact discover what they are, what they are used for, how and why they are "used"

Lunar returns: the dating of events
The Lunar return, as you can easily deduce, help us to investigate, month after month, the individual events already foreseen by the SR chart (or RSR) in progress

A few ideas and “tips” before, during and straight after your Solar Return trip
What you will find below is – without any pretence – a sort of Decalogue for “Astrological travellers”

Very important rules for Solar Returns
The basic rules and guidelines in respect of Active Astrology

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