Horoscope 2014

1st decan   April 21 - 30
2nd decan  May 1 - 10
3rd decan   May 11 - 20

                                                                                                                         by Paolo

In the first part of the year you can count on a lot of support from the planets, which will be especially helpful in your life, both for love and for economic matters, above all if this is one of your priorities at the moment.

Actually, you will have the chance to find some financial stability and make earnings that will make you sigh with relief, and also, why not? allow you to treat yourselves to some little luxuries that have been missing in your life for a while.
In short, in the first part of 2014, and specifically in the first two months, you will have the opportunity to experience the generous influence of the sextile of Jupiter in Cancer and the trine of Venus in Capricorn, which will certainly allow you to plan long-term investments such as the purchase of a house or the start of a company where you will be both the creative and organizational part, and take full control of the situation, which is what you aim for, since it takes you so much time to trust people.

But this positive situation on a financial level clearly results from what you wisely sew last year thanks to Saturn in Scorpio, which, despite its opposition, invites you to keep pursuing your aims, and keep an eye on what is important and interesting for you on a working level. You will probably still be asked to make sacrifices and work hard at a hectic pace, which is not suited to your nature and habits, but you donít have to give up, on the contrary you will have to be determined and strong-willed as you were in 2013, and all your efforts will be rewarded by generous Jupiter in sextile aspect from Cancer.

Also the opposite North Node in Scorpio until March 22 may make you deal with definite situations you canít postpone any more, both at work and in your family and maybe you should face straightforwardly, once and for all, the problem that arises periodically, which now you can finally sort out since you have all the right means to do it.
The times when you can get the best results are the following: from January 1 to 11, from April 23 to May 7 and from December 10 to the beginning of 2015. The first days of January are absolutely the best, when you can make the most of all your own resources to get long-lasting and forward-looking results.

Donít forget that the opposition of Saturn in Scorpio over the whole year, until December 23, is certainly annoying, but also constructive, and invites you to only pursue those plans, ideas and responsibilities that are really useful for your life, that can bring future developments and can give you the opportunity to build real certainties on which you can count afterwards.
Yet, you are likely to feel alone in this job, both on a physical level, that is you will be aware you canít count on anyone, and on a psychological level, because you will find it hard to share your worries, doubts and uncertainties with the people around you. But you will also feel strengthened and will understand what is changing inside you, how certain unconscious sides of your character are maturing, after being overshadowed by others that are maybe quite useless now.

As for love, the situation is quite promising, since you begin the year with the trine aspect of Venus in Capricorn, which will be with you until March 5.
There will be loads of opportunities to meet new people, also thanks to the New Moon on January 1, which will help you relate with people who can win your heart and involve you in a passionate relationship and certainly able to give you future stability. But this period will be very interesting also for those who are already committed, because they can find the way of making their relationship more stable, find new ways of being together, but above all share a project who will give certainties to the relationship.

From May 29 to June 23 Venus will be in your sign, and will definitely mark the beginning of your love season. You will be romantic, reflective and ready to settle down, and you will find the courage at last to tell the important person of your life your intentions, or you will show your feelings to someone who is always on your mind and who is the object of your love wishes. Donít be shy and take some healthy courage out that will certainly help you put yourselves to the test in a relationship that can bring radical changes into your love life and make you experience new ways of loving and being a couple.
Old and new friendships too will benefit from this transit of Venus, and important, long-term plans with people you respect and truly love are not to be ruled out.

The year will end with the harmonious company of Venus, and since Saturn will temporarily leave Scorpio, you will experience some more light-heartedness in love, and you may also choose to live your love life differently, or in an unconventional, spicy way. Just remember to be frank and not to make promises you know you canít keep, because you run the risk of getting into situations that may put you in a bad light or make you look like something you are not. If you want fleeting affairs, say it frankly, and if you are not interested in them instead donít be ashamed to give them up and be seen as retrograde, because respecting yourselves is the best you can wish for at the end of 2014.

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