Horoscope 2015

1st decan   April 21 - 30
2nd decan  May 1 - 10
3rd decan   May 11 - 20

                                                                                                                         by Paolo

You will finally sigh with relief, at least until next summer, since Saturn has stopped bothering you, and will only return to oppose your sign for a few weeks from June 15 until the early hours of September 18.

In general, this year will allow you to make new experiences, as the stars will show you several signs of recovery, and will invite you to be spiritually reborn and return to hold the reins of you life. Actually, you will be able to get rid from those external limiting circumstances that made you feel dependent from some people who did not respect you in the past.

Of course, all these changes will not occur immediately, as you will feel free from the yoke of any constraints, obligations and responsibilities with the arrival of autumn. In any case, your situation will improve with an ever-increasing serenity, and you might only have to face some difficulties in summer, such as resolving an outstanding problem or clarifying an ambiguous matter. In this way, you will relieve yourselves definitively from a burden that has bothered you for a long time.

You will probably need to reorder some matters concerning your family life and reconcile your family and professional duties in order to rediscover your personal space. For this reason, you should define better your responsibility and those situations which are outside your range of competence, though you should not be afraid of losing ground, power or control. In other words, avoid taking the most onerous tasks upon yourselves, since you may feel stressed, risk your health or weaken your immune system and incur some concerning psychosomatic troubles. In this case, do not get them out of proportion, as fortunately nothing serious or unsolvable will happen.

So try to be concentrated on your intentions and desire, and focus on the right direction, since the square of Jupiter from Leo will bother your sign until the late morning of August 11, and may hamper some initiatives that are particularly expensive, both on a financial and energetic level. You should learn to treasure your resources and ensure that others appreciate you. In this way, you will not feel to be deprived of your resources and avoid experiencing anger, dissatisfaction, annoyance or anxiety.

From April 15 until the 30th, Mercury will be transiting your sign, where it will meet Mars: such a positive combination will give you a fine dose of mental energy and the possibility to realize in a short time those projects that you shelved in the previous months.
In fact, you will have a great mental energy and the desire to give your life new direction, but you will be in a tearing rush to do so. Therefore, this may cause some tension or disagreement with your family members or co-workers, since they usually consider you as unflappable, submissive and willing.
On the other hand, your surprisingly frenetic activity will be understandable, as you will emerge from a sort of “hibernation”, collect your thought and rediscover motivation and strength, in order to break up sterile monotony and begin to act at your own sweet will. Of course, you might make some unimportant mistakes, but you will refuse to accept any stagnating situation that could undermine your psychological well-being.

From the afternoon of August 7 until the 27th, Mercury will trine your Sun, offering you a fine dose of mental energy and prompting you to move and make new experiences. In other words, you may design some new project which could bring some tangible results in early autumn. Indeed, this season will be the most positive and pleasant part of the year for you for many reason, and for your professional sphere in particular.

As for your emotional sphere, you will have the opportunity to shed light on a relationship that may need to be revised, renewed or broken off. Actually, you will not continue to hedge or take on yourselves the problems that bother you and your partner. The time will be ripe to make a radical decision and clarify any critical aspects of your relationship, in order to avoid embittering frustration, tension or dissatisfaction. Otherwise, this situation might prevent you from being free to meet a new person and begin a new profound and satisfying relationship.

In fact, the most delicate period for your sentimental sphere will be from the afternoon of June 5 until October 8, when you may have to face some stress or tension. In some cases, you might deal with some ghosts from your past, thus leading to misunderstandings, ambiguities and recriminations. On the other hand, this critical period will be eventually decisive if your relationship has become dull and embroiled in complicated plots.

In this regard, you will have the opportunity to prevent this critical prospect during your season of love from March 17 until the afternoon of April 11, when the stars may help you disentangle any difficult situations in your relationship and resolve any problems in advance with a greater simplicity.
In addition, this period will be a harbinger of new encounters, as Mars will be transiting your sign from March 31, and will revive the passion and desire that will help you recover a dull relationship. Those of you who are single may make a special encounter which will warm your heart and invite you to experience some romantic and passionate moments.
Those of you who want to begin a long-term relationship should take advantage of the beneficial effect of the stars in this period, as you will get some excellent results, especially if you want to cohabit or get married.

From October 8 until November 8, the splendid trine of Venus in Virgo will bring many pleasant encounters, especially if summer was critical or troubled from a sentimental point of view. In any case, you should avoid overreaching yourself or making any taxing promises, but try to live on a day-to-day basis with no worries about the future. Enjoy the pleasure of a beginning relationship, as you should delay any engaging and responsible decisions to 2016, when the stars will favour your stability.

Of course, those of you who managed to recover a relationship you care will take advantage of the positive transits of this period to revive your everyday life and rediscover the complicity that seemed to be lost. In some cases, you may even feel to experience a new phase of falling in love, which will help you get back on the right track, rediscover the enthusiasm of sharing your life and making new plan for your future as a couple.

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