Horoscope 2016

1st decan   April 21 - 30
2nd decan  May 1 - 10
3rd decan   May 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

This year, above all in the first half, will be very promising and full of personal satisfactions: you can count on the support of several planets, which will enable you to take on new challenges, change old patterns and get long-awaited concrete results.

You can really achieve remarkable goals during this 2016, change your way of dealing with other people and count on uncommon charisma which will help you achieve leading roles and more decision-making power, as well as impress those who previously seemed to underestimate your potential.
Of course, your increasing personal power will also affect your interpersonal relationships, friendships and love life, and the whole social sphere: new people will come into your life and change your usual lifestyle.

You will feel like you can finally enjoy the fruits of hard work and see your wishes come true, after several months of waiting and disillusionment. This is a gift from Saturn, which on one side made you deal with hurdles, restrictions, tests, but on the other side made you stronger and more aware of your potential, which can be fully expressed during 2016.
At the moment, you can count on good transits, particularly the trine of Jupiter in Virgo until September 9th, and the trine of Pluto in Capricorn. But you will have even more, over the following months: Mercury will stay in your sign a little longer than usual, and will consequently enhance Jupiterís and Plutoís influences.

On a professional level, the new year will bring new opportunities your way to get recognition and economic rewards, particularly until early autumn, but the first six months will be more fruitful, as long as, during Saturn transit, you worked hard on something that can now give the awaited benefits.

Mercury in Capricorn will trine your sign from January 8th to February 13th, and will also be supported by Pluto and Jupiter: you may get some projects off the ground and see good results very soon, or you may manage to change your job or workplace, but everything will be definitively settling during the upcoming spring.
Yet, it will be the entrance of Mercury in your sign on April 6th and the great Earth trine that will form in your sky, that will bring concrete opportunities to realize projects, make your professional and financial situation more stable, and finally enjoy the fruits of past work and investments. This favourable atmosphere will last until June 12th, when Mercury will leave your sign. You should concentrate all your important projects and work in the spring to make the most of this positive, and quite rare, planetary configuration. May 14th, 15th and 16th are the key days to be highlighted, when all your efforts and hard work can finally pay off.

This time will be especially positive on a financial level too, for those who are looking for job, the first job or a new one, since there wonít be thousands of hurdles and setbacks in the way anymore.

But thatís not all: from July 30th to early October 7th, Mercury trine in Virgo will be another gift for you from the amazing 2016 sky, which could give you an edge in autumn, more certainties and ideas that will be easily fulfilled. Pleasant surprises are in store for those of you who will work in August as well, you may make very good profits and gain financial stability. Great time to buy a house or redecorate home.

Things will run pleasantly in your love life too, even though maybe not so impressively, unless you consider your relationship as a real work, because in this case things would definitely change and love too would enjoy all the opportunities previously described for your career.

From late January 23rd to early February 17th, transiting Venus in Capricorn trining your sign may make it possible to meet interesting people, particularly if you have been single for quite a long time and you are willing to commit yourselves to a new relationship. Those who are in a couple may revive the routine and put things right after a hard time.

Your love season will yet begin on April 20th and will end on May 24th. A magic time when you will experience all the different sides of passion, whether you are single or in a relationship. A real regenerating spring-blooming for the heart. You may easily meet people who are some years younger than you or who live some miles away from you.

The time from August 5th to 30th will be amazing and sensual, thanks to the trine aspect of Venus in Virgo. Good news, encounters, opportunities to try unconventional relationships, mental attractions, in short the key word will be: experimenting!

Finally, from November 12th to December 7th, with Venus in Capricorn, you may end the year making your current relationship stronger or looking for one who can bring more peace of mind and certainties into your life.

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