Horoscope 2017

1st decan   October 23 - November 2
2nd decan  November 3 - 12
3rd decan   November 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

This year will be marked by a slow recovery in different areas of your life and by a deeper awareness of your strong personal power and ability to read between the lines, to go beyond appearances to know the true essence of what you are interested in.
This goes for both interpersonal, and romantic, relationships and for your career, where you will have to show your smartness and come out of your comfort zone, drop reassuring and repetitive patterns that prevent you from feeling at ease and satisfied with what you do.

This year it is essential to do what you believe in, overcoming all those rules, opportunism and insincere acceptance of everything that is not in line with your true nature. But what you should definitely do is to figure out and make it clear with others what the limits are that canít be crossed in your relationships and work commitments, and try to be neither too strict nor too unstable.

During the first part of the year, you have the duty towards yourselves to not let other peopleís problems weigh you down, especially those relating to family, which can require your presence and commitment, but should not become overbearing. You will have to make it very clear what your responsibilities are and the time you can devote to others, and respect these limits in order to avoid stressful situations where you could blow up and frustrate all your work and commitment in a moment.

Saturn in Sagittarius is building security and make you deeply aware of what makes your life more stable, so you donít need to embark on some epic ventures that would only waste precious energies that must be put into projects that are in tune with your nature, although initially not shared by the people around you.

After all, you are supported by Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces, which have been promoting deep changes within yourselves, and teaching you to put past lessons and experiences into practice.
You will feel a strong desire to change inside, to shed your skin and you will no longer let anyone influence your freedom and happiness. This wonít be so easy for you, since you may feel guilty and anxious about that.

From an emotional point of view, all this could cause some discomfort and impatience towards all those relationships that you have been dragging on without conviction, so you will mull things over and wonder what to do, and may make radical and thought-out decisions, which can be seen as impulsive by others.

Actually, your need to get rid of pressure, stress and duties will get stronger and stronger, and you wonít be able to keep pretending that everything is fine, that you can accept responsibilities that no longer please or fulfil you, whether in your family or friend circle or in your love relationship.

However, this year starts quite well, thanks to the trine of Venus in Pisces from January 3rd. You will be willing to spend some romantic time with your partner or with someone you have just met, even though your need to feel strong and intimate emotions will actually push you to look for a long-lasting relationship. So, you are likely to use this time, until February 3rd, to put things right in your existing relationship and figure out if you two can still be happy together. Should you realise there is no hope left for your love, you may decide to sever ties and work on yourselves first, until someone new may come into your life in summer.

The other positive time for your love and interpersonal life will go from July 31st to August 24th thanks to Venus in Cancer trining your sign. At this time, a deep emotional warmth and desire for passion and commitment will strongly re-emerge. You may experience some intriguing and sexy connections, or even find someone special with whom you can think of sharing your life. Of course, if you are in a relationship, which managed to survive the emotional rollercoaster of the first part of the year, this is the right time to rediscover the pleasure of being together and feel that empathic soul affinity again that is part of your being a couple, maybe the only thing that allows you to really understand that you are truly in love with the right person for you.

Your love season will start on November 7th until December 1st. In the meantime, on October 10th, Jupiter will enter your sign, and the sky will totally focus on you and give you the gift of a new romance or renewed harmony with your partner. This will be the end of a long period of reflection, analysis and emotional restlessness, but, as a result, you will feel satisfied with yourselves and what you have achieved in love, and will fully enjoy the emotional power of this special time of your life.

As for your career, 2017 is a year of consolidation and improving of your financial resources and of your position within your work environment.
You donít need to impose yourselves, just do what you believe in and show anyone around you that you are not unambitious and narrow-minded people, but on the contrary you can be far-sighted and have brilliant intuition.

You should just rely on your intuition from February 26th to March 13th, when Mercury in Pisces will join Chiron and Neptune and will bless you with the gift of a rare and amazing clairvoyance. Donít be afraid of challenges, trust your guts and take action accordingly, although cautiously, since you are known to be rational and sensible people as well.

With Mercury in Cancer from June 21st to July5th, you can count on a brief but intense time to complete some unfinished business that was causing you stress and anxiety and was hindering your true personal fulfilment.

Finally, between October 17th and November 5th, Mercury in your sign will give you a boost to bring a project to fruition that will affect your life for many years to come. Those of you who are looking for a first or a new job, will find something stable and long-lasting that will bring rewards and satisfactions also on a financial level.

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