Horoscope 2014

1st decan   October 23 - November 2
2nd decan  November 3 - 12
3rd decan   November 13 - 22

                                                                                                                         by Paolo

Saturn will still be a tireless presence in your life, will keep teaching you the value of sacrifice and will help you understand on which fields you will have to work and focus most of your energies.
This planet, which is often denigrated but is actually so precious, will leave you temporarily on December 23, but it will come back to you in summer 2015, and will help you get to the point in so many things, cut many useless matters off your life, have a good clear-out on many fronts. You should remember that this can happen on both a practical and psychological level, so you may get rid of people, objects, legal problems, or even of weird and knotty situations that canít develop in any way.

This transit of Saturn will be especially important because it will strengthen your intuitions and will allow you to see more clearly, after many years, situations that are so complex that trying to sort them out would only be a waste of time and energy, which can be put into something else instead and get excellent results, above all during the first part of the year, until July 16t, that is as long as you can count on the support of Jupiter in Cancer.
This positive energy coming from Saturn and Jupiter will help you make the most of your energies and ideas, and put them into practice in definite contexts without wasting anything. You will be skilled managers of yourselves, of your time and ideas and of everything that is needed for success, which is guaranteed as long as you respect Saturnís lessons of rigour, sacrifice and commitment.

Along this path of self-fulfilment you are likely to feel you are alone and not supported by those people you considered friendly and reliable, but even though work and duties may weigh you down at some times of the year (such as in January and between the end of April and the beginning of May), you will manage to get much more than you initially expected. Be sure that you will manage anyway to get to your destination, as leaders and winners of course.

On a working level, from January 31 to February 13, and from March 17 to April 7, Mercury in Pisces will trine your sign and will join Neptune and Chiron, which will make you especially intuitive and able to explore new paths, but above all you will approach working problems in a different way, and immediately understand whether you should abandon the ship and try to salvage as much as possible before it sinks, or go on and take the lead confidently, in order to get interesting results on a financial level, when summer comes.

From July 13 to 31, Mercury will trine your sign again but from Cancer, and will bring money income or will help you find a new job that better meets your needs and skills: everything you will get will be hard-won, but it will also be long-lasting and will make you feel you have reached some stability and can finally make long-term plans without being overcome by anxiety and feeling under pressure.
This time is good to look for a new job (and to find it of course), or maybe to find a job in a new work area, after working hard over the previous months.

But Mercury will also be your friend between late November 8 and early 28, because it will join Saturn in your sign, and give you power and leadership, which are fundamental to finish this fruitful year in the best way possible. But donít forget your priorities and to share your working plan with the people around you, without forcing anyone to follow you along the path that will take you to success and professional fulfilment.

As for love, the year begins brilliantly, thanks to the sextile aspect of Venus in Capricorn until March 5. You may get to know someone better or understand what you really want from a relationship that is going through a hard time despite your best intentions, and you will be asked to make clear and definite decisions about it. You have to stop pretending not to see, putting off your decisions: you must be determined, speak frankly and honestly with the one you love about your new needs and donít be afraid of the consequences, because this year the sky will reward you if you have made honest and unselfish choices.

From late April 5 to early May 1, the trine of Venus in Pisces can bring romance, passion and sweetness into your life, and make you very seductive: you will be irresistible, will get to know someone better and experience extremely tender moments. This will happen whether you are single or committed, because those who will come into contact with you will feel such intense and pleasant erotic vibes that you will feel self-confident and determined to go ahead with it.

Between July 18 and August 12, Venus will be in trine again from Cancer, and after a few days, on July 26, Mars will enter your sign and will rekindle unbridled passion in your long-time relationship, or the singles (not only them, though) can be involved in intriguing summer love affairs, to the point of losing control of the situation and making hasty promises that wonít be kept.

From late October 23 to November 16, Venus will stay in your sign and will mark the beginning of your love season. If you are still single, or you are single after making radical decisions, then you can take advantage of this time to meet new people and feel emotions that can make you understand that you have finally found the right person you had been searching for so long. If you are committed, this is the time to start something, to fulfil a common plan and make your relationship longer-lasting and more stable.

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