Horoscope 2015

1st decan   October 23 - November 2
2nd decan  November 3 - 12
3rd decan   November 13 - 22

                                                                                                                         by Paolo

Saturn left your sign last December, after having characterized a challenging but also profitable period from a psychological and personal point of view. This planet helped you strengthen and shed light on your priorities, by teaching you to be resolute and avoid being influenced by any sterile nostalgia or unmotivated sense of guilt.
Of course, Saturn is inherently suspicious and will return to transit your sign for a short time in summer, from the second half of June until the first half of September. You could say that it will come to verify if you have learnt the lesson and understood how to apply its teachings for the best. In practical terms, it will invite you to make independent and unconditional choices, even if some sacrifices or renunciations are necessary.

On the other hand, the square of Jupiter will continue to bother you until the late morning of August 11, so you should be careful, avoid making any errors of judgment or risky choices that could not be a good deal.
Actually, you may need to lay down some action plans, given that your main projects will only be feasible after mid-August, when Jupiter will begin to offer an encouraging sextile to your sign and, moreover, will be transiting the brightest sector of your sky. So be prepared for a positive and prosperous autumn both in your professional and economic spheres. Any past doubts, worries or insecurities will give room to the certainties and stability, as you were anxiously waiting. You will be able to resolve any problems dealing with your work and unblock a situation that was hampered by an administrative or hereditary issue, by relying on a trustworthy person who will offer you a disinterested help. If possible, do not throw yourselves in other people, but try to settle any old scores by yourselves and only delegate to other the tasks with which you are not familiar.

The year will begin with the difficult square of Mercury in the Aquarius, precisely from January 5 until the early hours of March 13. This aspect could make your everyday life quite challenging, especially in terms of commitments and duties to be fulfilled. Those of you who are carrying out a project you care may incur some delays, while an activity that seemed to go swimmingly may reach a deadlock. In this case, do not get angry or lose heart, but let things go their own way and avoid being anxious: there is no need to dramatize, since devil will not be as black as hes painted. In fact, you will be able to break this momentary stalemate very soon, as early as March 13, and then near the New Moon on March 20, when an effective insight will help you resolve everything as best you can. In this way, you will have the opportunity to catch up in grand style and achieve some significant goals quickly, though they seemed to be unattainable a few weeks before.

From July 8 until the 23th, Mercury will return to be an ally and will finally reward you for your work. Therefore, any businesses, initiatives or investment you made in the past will bear fruits and you will be appreciated and rewarded as you deserve. Moreover, in this period you will be particularly enterprising, so you will be able to resolve easily those matters that had got bogged. Intuition, creative energy, determination and a pinch of luck will be the ingredients of your success, especially if you are willing to take on a new professional responsibility or decide to assume the reins of your work.

Afterwards, the stars will have in store an interesting period for your professional and social spheres form November 2 until the 20th, when Mercury will be transiting your sign. Take advantage of its action to analyse any situations in detail, make informed choices and adopt a winning tactic to achieve your goals. You will be able to understand and assimilate much information around you, and you will count on a fair dose of appeal and charisma to be used as best you can. In this way, you will be a magnetic and influential pole, and you will reconquer the power you were forced to give in, due to distractions or overworking in the past. You will be concentrated, self-confident and willing to understand and satisfy your prior necessities. If you focus on them, you wont risk wasting your time or energy, nor lose sight of your main goal. In other words, you will return to be the undisputed protagonist of your life. Of course, such a proactive attitude will have some positive effects on your professional situation, as you will be able to the achieve excellent results you deserve, while those of you who are looking for a first or new job will count on many chances and even favourable conditions of employment.

With regard to your emotional sphere, the stars will invite you to make some clear and final decisions, especially in the first half of the year, when many of you will be ready to make a firm decision about a long-term relationship, whether you want to break it off or get married. In any case, according to your situation, you will make definitely the best choice that will allow you to enjoy your sentimental life with a greater confidence.

From the afternoon of January 27 until February 20, the splendid trine of Venus in Pisces will make you particularly sensitive, romantic and empathetic. Your intuition may even lead you to throw yourselves at your soul mate, so that you will feel ready to get rid of any inhibitions or pretence, and commit to begin a relationship. Those of you who are single will be particularly appealing, and will have the opportunity to join unusual or new surrounding and test yourselves with a new potential partner. The stars will promise some special moments of fiery passion and overwhelming emotions, which may even lead you to begin a relationship soon.
Those of you who are in a couple will enjoy a highly romantic and charming atmosphere, so you will rediscover passionate sensations and even a few notes of jealousy that, in your case, will pep up your complicity.

Between May 8 and June 5, Venus will return to give you a trine from the sign of Cancer. The planet of love will revive passion and may even prompt you to transgress and break up the monotony of your everyday life. In any case, if you are honest and frank, you will satisfy your desires together with your partner. Otherwise, some of you may feel to be attracted by a person who is near to you (such as a co-worker) and yield to the temptation of experiencing new emotions.
Singles will count on this period to make new friends who may introduce you to new surroundings and lengthen the odds on making a stimulating encounter. You may even fall in love with a person who understands the profundity of your feelings and decide to test yourself in a new relationship.

On the other hand, the period between June 5 and October 8 may be turbulent for your relational sphere, as Venus will be in a challenging square position to your sign. Therefore, you should avoid being overly demanding or paranoiac with the person you love, especially if you have known each other for a short time; otherwise, you will risk undermining the basis of your relationship. You should avoid any ambiguous situations or attitudes that could leave room for misunderstanding; lay your inner ghosts and be sincere and bald with your partner. In this way, you will clarify and resolve any (apparent) problems with calm and serenity: the result will be a greater peace of mind and less stress.
Besides, those of you who are single may feel deeply dissatisfied with summer, as you will be struggling to find what you want, especially if you desire a mix of erotic sensation, understanding and emotions, that is, share your life with someone who offers you unconditional love.

Between December 5 and the early hours of the 30th, you will be in your season of love, as Venus will be transiting your sign. Its passage will be particularly cheerful and full of emotions, and it will facilitate you in finding whatever you want in your sentimental life, helping you listen to your heart rather than your excessive cerebralism. Moreover, the stars in the end of the year will spotlight your emotional sphere, as they will give you the opportunity to encounter some stimulating people and, according to your situation, rediscover love with an ex or revive a relationship that became dull due to routine. Some of you will be ready to test yourselves in new forms of relationships, whether you decide to do so in your couple or in a secret affair. In any case, such an experience will be almost unforgettable, as it will you feel the protagonists of your sentimental life.

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