Karmic Horoscope

by Paolo Crimaldi

The first half of the month will be particularly favourable for you, especially if you want to give greater certainty to your sentimental sphere and get back some enthusiasm and sensuality, which have been lacking for some time. You’ll be particularly seductive, thanks to Venus and Mercury, in the first half of the month, while Mars in Capricorn until December 25 will motivate you to be more combative and ready to accept new and stimulating challenges in your social life. Actually, you may venture into a new experience, which may revive your everyday life with passion and erotic sensations, since you’ll be seductive and irresistible to whomsoever you want to win over. If you doubt someone, because you don’t know whether s/he is interested in you, you should be frank and expose yourself, though this may seem risky. But you won’t necessarily be rejected. On the other hand, you could bring about a rejection yourself, since your ambiguous, elusive or shy attitude might prevent him/her from showing you his/her true feelings. So taking a chance would be worthwhile, since you’ll be offered many opportunities, and even a hypothetical rejection wouldn’t be the end of the world! Indeed, you may meet some interesting and remarkable people, especially on December 10 and 11. Moreover, the Full Moon on December 28 may bring a surprise, or you may meet an unusual person, who will appreciate you and share your desire to form a couple. In any case, you’ll have the right energy to experiment with new ways of living a relationship, which may be completely different from the past. Those of you who are in a couple may revive passion and get back complicity on an erotic level. Some of you will be able to share common plans in order to make your ménage more stable and see things from a completely different point of view; in this way, you’ll discover some pleasant new sides to your partner’s personality.
Key word : OPENNESS

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