Transiting Lunar Node in aspect to planets

The transit of the Lunar Node in aspect to a natal planet carries one new awareness about a different way of experiencing the energy of that planet.

When the Lunar Node is transiting in conjunction with a natal planet evolutionary paths open up, while when it is the south Lunar Node to conjunct a personal planet, opportunities rise up to become awareof a situation linked to problems connected to the very first years of life, or, embracing the reincarnationalist hypothesis, to previous existences whose effects tend to affect the experience of the current one.

In other words, the transit of the Lunar Nodes in conjunction with a natal planet has the effect of a balm, which helps to solve the problematic issues that prevent the full expression of the planet concerned. This transit is particularly powerful and useful when the planet involved is retrograde, since it can be offered the opportunity to unlock that potential that otherwise would remain unheard and unexpressed, or still entangled in restrictive structures that do not help develop what is one's own evolutionary path chosen in current life.

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5 house



It is the moment in which you can approach new knowledge that opens up new horizons in your life and serves to give you a different existential perspective, bringing back the desire to do and be proactive. However, this is a great spiritual change, regardless of what the new interest may be, and it is still the encounter with something that can open up new horizons, expand one's field of action and the usual view, but above all, it is capable of profoundly changing the structure of everyday life. In conjunction with this transit, an alternative type of analysis or therapeutic work can be started that puts you in touch with very profound parts of yourself, opening up peak-experience, rare but profoundly enlightening that mark a fundamental stage for your own life, directing it towards something that is in perfect harmony with one's own Self.

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