In our commitment to constantly improve the quality of our services we implemented the new index of risk of the year - IPA wich ncludes the latest guidelines provided by Ciro Discepolo.

Please note that scores of the new index may differ from the previous ones given the same SR.

Latest guidelines included in the new index

31. The danger of a stellium in first or twelfth house of the SR must be considered even if it splits up in equal or unequal parts, between the houses; a stellium between the twelfth and the first is equal to a stellium in the twelfth, even if, for example, Jupiter is in the twelfth house and Venus and Mercury in the first;

32. Another extremely important rule you must follow is to avoid the placement of a potentially dangerous planet or of the ascendant near the cusp of the first, sixth or twelfth house, the distance from the cusp must be of 2 and a half degrees; it is worth verifying whether this distance remains intact also by subtracting 15 minutes from the birth time;

33. Remember that Saturn always gets the better of Jupiter, Venus, Sun etc; therefore, it goes without saying that we cannot, for example, place a Saturn near the Midheaven, thereby deceiving ourselves that the Sun and Jupiter in tenth will counterbalance its negative effects; for the same reason, bearing in mind the importance of “Gauquelin’s plus zones”, it’s useless to put for example a Jupiter in the tenth house, within five degrees from Midheaven, and a Saturn at the same distance, in the ninth house: in the end the second will prevail and for what concerns work / emancipation / success / prestige we will have a year decidedly marked by Saturn; the same applies if we put Saturn and Jupiter in the seventh or in the second house and so on.

34. It is strongly advisable not to place Saturn and Mars in the same house of SR, whatever it is, except for the 3th and 9th house. If not, you may suffer serious harm as a result of this.

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