The index of risk for the year (IPA) what is and how it works

The index of risk for the year (IPA) is a very useful tool that helps you to establish the degree of dangerousness of the year that is being analyzed. It should not to be taken as absolute but as a reference parameter to be considered along with the reading of the Solar Return and transits, an indicator light that warns you that this year might be marked by events of some significance and certainly not pleasant. The calculation examines transits and configurations present in your sky and on the basis of the 30 rules established by the School of Active Astrology founded by Ciro Discepolo assigns a positive score and a negative score that give as result the IPA. Regardless of whether we may have a high positive score you should pay great attention to the negative one as the goal is to keep this value below a certain threshold (20).

It is important to point out that the tool has proved to be very reliable indicating with a high negative value those years in which particularly unpleasant events occured. Anyway not neccessary that in presence of a negative score we should automatically expect dramatic events. Here's how to read the negative score:

Negative score from 0 to 20
IPA for the year calculated (from birthday to birthday) id hardly relevant.

Negative score from 20 to 40
IPA for the year calculated (from birthday to birthday) report important events and potentially unpleasant, but with an important distinction to make, if along with even very heavy transits you have a Solar Return that does not involve elements of risk (high values ​​of 12th, 6th and Ist house or a stellium in 8th house), then you can accept this value with no big worries, vice versa if we are in presence of neutral transits and instead we have a particularly insidious SR then the IPA is to be taken into great consideration because the year might reserve unpleasant surprises.

Negative score from 40 to 60
IPA for the year calculated (from birthday to birthday) is quite high and indicates a tough and hard year.

Negative score from 60 to 100
IPA for the year calculated (from birthday to birthday) is very high and this value has been found with high frequency in years marked by unpleasant and painful events.

The calculation is part of the Astral software package and has been designed and perfected by Ciro Discepolo. Luigi Miele gave his contribution for the writing of the algorithm.

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