This position of the Sun in the twelfth SR house is a rather difficult one and if you are able to do so, it is sincerely desirable to avoid it. In next twelve months it is possible that you find yourselves with many problems all round: from work to the relationship with your partner, to matters regarding your health (physical or mental, such as depressions, panic attacks and similar problems): you will have to force yourself to be wise not to get lost and to keep going in a direction that in all honesty, at times will seem rather difficult to identify. There is a risk of “closure“ that must be interpreted in different ways: from a real desire for you to isolate yourself much more than you used to like those who necessarily have to stay in prison or in hospital. A general sense of sacrifice, which will be appreciated more by those who work in the medical and / or religious sectors.


Your wish to isolate yourself or remain separate from the outside world and closing yourself in increases. This position of the Moon in the twelfth SR house is particularly recommended for meditation and spiritual withdrawals. However, at the same time it may also indicate significant instability from a psychological point of view and at times a crisis of nerves, anguish and fear all round. Possible disappointments caused by women. Some worry regarding the health of a woman close to you with their hospitalisation for short time. A woman in your family (mother, sister or cousin) will ask you to look after them and for your help. There will be a significant increase and research all round in issues strongly permeated with spirituality (your interior self, spirituality, mysticism, and so on).


Your year could be one of “interiorization”, of scarce communication with others, of closing yourself in, or of a need for more introspection, especially in silence, with few words, or meditation. Frequent little trips to visit and / or comfort people who are temporarily in confined places (prisons, hospitals, nursing homes). Little worries concerning being cheated and / or thefts of your property or of that of a person who is younger than you. In rarer cases there may be a slight danger of anonymous post (paper or electronic) with a risk of slanderous content towards you.


You tend to keep your feelings to yourself and probably you will live a satisfactory love story but that you have to keep secret (perhaps an extramarital relationship, or if you are single, you become attached to someone who already has a partner). In any case, in general, your affections must undergo some kind of little "test". Venus in the twelfth house of SR is instead a blessing, meaning all round protection, especially if you have to recover from a period of depression perhaps after bereavement or a very unpleasant event. An excellent position also for all activities concerning research, solidarity, voluntary service; helping the elderly, the sick, and in general to all those who are poorly.


Mars in the house of trials unfortunately tells of trials we have to undergo, "imprisoned" energy that does not manage to free itself. Freedom of action is lacking or we act without showing ourselves, keeping a “low profile” to protect ourselves from “hidden manoeuvres” against us by people we are not able to identify. Other trials brought about by Mars in the twelfth house: discovery of a rather serious illness you didn’t know about until a short while ago, series of depressions or nervous breakdowns, anxiety and anguish, sorrows that can run from a crisis in your love life to the definitive breakdown of a relationship which you particularly cared about, to a financial debacle that leads you almost to the edge. Legal investigation notifications, or in any case serious scandals on their way.


You have obtained protection, a guardian angel, a good handyman who will assist you during the next twelve months. Jupiter in your twelfth SR house in fact will not act in an exact direction but will be useful in general to protect you from difficulties and all kinds of unpleasant situations, and for those who need protection, it will offer help to get out of difficult situations regarding both physical and psychological (depressions) health, but also from a financial and legal point of view. Your inner life will know a period of great fecundity. Your imagination, more generally your psychic faculties will experience a period of remarkable improvement. Spiritual withdrawals that open new horizons that up to now you had not even contemplated.


Trials, although not very severe ones, but overall in the year in which Saturn occupies your twelfth SR house (trials, obviously). The matters you will be called upon to face can range from sentimental to financial issues, as well as depression in respect of which, always with great difficulty, you will have to get out of. This Saturn position may also signal hostility or "hidden" attacks from people who intentionally do not want to be identified by you. A period which often immediately means inner loneliness, or your decision to isolate yourself to be able to work better. In any case, you have the feeling of being alone even when you are at a party surrounded by lots of people. In some cases this Saturn position may express itself as hospitalisation, or for older people, a period in a nursing home.


An inner change due to a strong push for freedom which however you will suffer quite a lot to obtain. In fact, Uranus in the twelfth SR house (the trials life) has difficulty settling down and expressing its potential, and on the contrary, it may be that the more you spasmodically desire emancipation the more you instead have a strong sensation of being a “prisoner“. Only one but rather "important" trial that you will have to overcome during the year. If you are doctors and / or researchers in general, possible important and innovative discovery in your field. This position of the planet is also a position that helps you to discover possible "intrigues" and / or “plans“ organised against you without you knowing.


In the house of trials and of closed places (the twelfth one), Neptune could mean for example psychological suffering. A need for you to be looked after by an analyst may occur, or the beginning of medical treatment using drugs to support your condition which, remember, will only be momentary. However, Neptune in your twelfth SR house is not only negative, on the contrary, the planet in question stimulates your curiosity and favours the study and research in the subject of the occult and mysticism. In fact in the next twelve months, with this position of Neptune, your inner aspirations will be able to be fully satisfied, especially with faith and / or joining a religious faith.


Pluto positioned in your twelfth SR house tells you perhaps that your psychophysical condition is not at its best, principally due to your inner torments regarding worries for your health or the health of someone you care for. You will have to face a test of destiny that will not be severe or perhaps an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Self-destructive or destructive drives or an indistinct aggressiveness towards others may manifest itself. Morbid attraction (with a resulting fright and / or trauma which may or may not be "severe") in regard to everything that relates to magic, the occult, witchcraft and with bad acquaintances in the aforementioned matters.


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