This position of the Sun in the twelfth SR house is a rather difficult one and if you are able to do so, it is sincerely desirable to avoid it. In next twelve months it is possible that you find yourselves with many problems all round: from work to the relationship with your partner, to matters regarding your health (physical or mental, such as depressions, panic attacks and similar problems): you will have to force yourself to be wise not to get lost and to keep going in a direction that in all honesty, at times will seem rather difficult to identify. There is a risk of “closure“ that must be interpreted in different ways: from a real desire for you to isolate yourself much more than you used to like those who necessarily have to stay in prison or in hospital. A general sense of sacrifice, which will be appreciated more by those who work in the medical and / or religious sectors.


Your wish to isolate yourself or remain separate from the outside world and closing yourself in increases. This position of the Moon in the twelfth SR house is particularly recommended for meditation and spiritual withdrawals. However, at the same time it may also indicate significant instability from a psychological point of view and at times a crisis of nerves, anguish and fear all round. Possible disappointments caused by women. Some worry regarding the health of a woman close to you with their hospitalisation for short time. A woman in your family (mother, sister or cousin) will ask you to look after them and for your help. There will be a significant increase and research all round in issues strongly permeated with spirituality (your interior self, spirituality, mysticism, and so on).

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