Often this position of the Sun in the first SR house – that in any case it would be better to avoid - in the less ”difficult” cases can manifest itself as a sudden loss or increase of weight by the person in question (it depends on the contemporaneity of the transits of the slow moving planets compared to the natal chart and on the position of the same ones in the twelve SR houses). It can also express itself as sudden extroversion (or closure) to the world, or rather through a significant modification of his/her physical aspect, perhaps after a plastic surgery operation. In the "most difficult" cases it might instead concern difficult surgery which must be undergone in the year intercepted by this position. It is, however, necessary to distinguish between three age bands: from birth to twenty years, twenty to fifty years and fifty years onwards. That is to say, in the SR chart of a child, the position of the Sun in the first house will always be much less dangerous than the same position in the SR chart of a person of fifty or seventy years of age (as we know, the older you get the more recovery times are slow and hard).


Oscillating moods, ideas that are a little confused, firmness and will which comes and goes and sudden changes of ideas. This will be your condition in relation to your mood during this year intercepted by the Moon in the first RS house and your attitude will become less firm and a little more amenable, but at the same time you will activate special "aerials", thus becoming more perceptive and sensitive. At times you will be a bit quarrelsome and undecided, and not very constructive in finishing the things you planned. Your mother or, in any case a woman, will become particularly important during this year. The importance of your relationships with members of your family will also become more important.


The need for you to express yourself more in words, with physical ability, or with both increases; you will also tend to strike little balances (perhaps in your daily lives) or to find strong points in yourself, an increase in your intelligence. You will become more active and dynamic, certainly swifter in your thoughts but also in your actions. Others will see you young and nimble, even if you have reached a certain age, looking for playful moments with younger people, you will probably feel more extroverted and consequently other people will see you in this way.


Excellent protection from the position of Venus in your first SR house! Above all in respect of everything to do with health, but in general it is good protection all round. As far as the rest is concerned … what can we say? You will be more pleasant with other people, you will be what the French call a "charmant": a aura of charm will surround you and you will notice that you are more successful and attract more interest from others. A peak of narcissism will take over you! You will also tend to live according to the rules of Venus and you will act according to the imperatives of the heart. In this way you will also be more malleable than before, you will be sweeter, and harmony will mark your next twelve months to a certain extent. You will also tend to trust others a little more.


This Mars position is really insidious, except for two categories of people: those under twenty years of age and those who have a slightly weak Mars in Cancer or in Libra (in this case Mars in the first SR house would give them the capacity to push ahead; the thrust that they normally have difficulty attaining). Having said that, for everyone else this is a position to be absolutely avoided and that signals danger and / or difficulties in all aspects. Love sickness (your partner leaving you), sudden financial downturns to seriously worry about, serious problems with the law with the risk of imprisonment, a terrible loss of prestige because of a serious scandal, a rather difficult operation to undergo, a profound state of sentimental prostration, depression, and anguish.


Jupiter produces a remarkably positive effect in the first SR house, which is particularly useful for everyone who has to pick themselves up again after various types of misfortunes (sentimental regrets, convalescence, financial problems, depression, possible bereavements and so on). This is also a favourable position for social contacts. Jupiter in the first house "opens" your heart, making you more open and generous towards others. However, be careful not to lower your guard too much: if you lower the threshold of your critical capacities and your "defences" towards others in general, you may risk being swindled! Also keep an eye on your weight: you may cheerfully “put on” too much weight which you will then find it hard to get rid of!


A melancholy aftertaste may accompany the twelve months intercepted by Saturn in your first SR house. This is a position that gives the widespread sensation of a general decrease in enthusiasm, of a latent sense of discouragement, of a little bit of depression. A sense of a partial apathy and difficulty that will accompany you for the entire year (from birthday to birthday) giving you the impression that everything is an uphill struggle, with very little enjoyment but with the benefit of significant inner growth. You will become more sombre and almost certainly you will tend to isolate yourself a little from the outside world, or in any case, from your usual surroundings. It will be also possible that you will lose weight and / or that you could have problems with your bones and / or teeth.


A need for independence and your wish to live almost only for yourself. You will feel a very strong urge to get rid of the bonds keeping you "tied" to something or to someone. This Uranus position in the first SR house usually means a year of change, and at the very least it tells you about a strong desire for changes on your part, to wish to radically change your life, and this could partly happen quite quickly. Your irritation increases, in some cases with signs of insomnia. At times it risks causing sharp changes with implications that are not always positive for you. Greater enterprise and profuse energy towards the outside world.


It could easily be that with this position of Neptune (the psychic planet) in your first SR house, in next twelve months your neurosis and / or fears turn out to be emphasised: a sense “of indistinct confusion” will run through you, a kind of “unclear fear” will disturb you but in fact there will be no single real reason to explain your feelings. It’s a question of moods due to your strong perceptiveness that in next twelve months will tend to get you to emphasise everything; take care not to abuse alcohol in this period. It is not a good idea to "solicit" your imagination and / or nightmares that will already not be lacking!


Pluto in your first SR house imposes a slow change of direction: you will begin to think about turning around your destiny but in a slow, considered way; a desire that arrives from your subconscious and that will produce a profound interior change before it comes true. Your will to succeed will be strengthened, and you will be determined and sometimes “implacable” in your decisions, as well as in wanting to pursue your goals (whatever direction they go in). Sometimes you will risk letting yourself go to arrogant and / or overbearing attitudes, or for the first time you might discover yourself to have feelings of megalomania and / or omnipotent fantasies you never thought of before.


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