Often this position of the Sun in the first SR house – that in any case it would be better to avoid - in the less ”difficult” cases can manifest itself as a sudden loss or increase of weight by the person in question (it depends on the contemporaneity of the transits of the slow moving planets compared to the natal chart and on the position of the same ones in the twelve SR houses). It can also express itself as sudden extroversion (or closure) to the world, or rather through a significant modification of his/her physical aspect, perhaps after a plastic surgery operation. In the "most difficult" cases it might instead concern difficult surgery which must be undergone in the year intercepted by this position. It is, however, necessary to distinguish between three age bands: from birth to twenty years, twenty to fifty years and fifty years onwards. That is to say, in the SR chart of a child, the position of the Sun in the first house will always be much less dangerous than the same position in the SR chart of a person of fifty or seventy years of age (as we know, the older you get the more recovery times are slow and hard).


Oscillating moods, ideas that are a little confused, firmness and will which comes and goes and sudden changes of ideas. This will be your condition in relation to your mood during this year intercepted by the Moon in the first RS house and your attitude will become less firm and a little more amenable, but at the same time you will activate special "aerials", thus becoming more perceptive and sensitive. At times you will be a bit quarrelsome and undecided, and not very constructive in finishing the things you planned. Your mother or, in any case a woman, will become particularly important during this year. The importance of your relationships with members of your family will also become more important.

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