With this position of the Sun you concentrate your attention on motorised vehicles (driven by you or also by others, in relation to public transport). Possible purchase of a new car but also its theft. You will start studying again: a language course that you need for your work or even simply because you have decided to return to studies that you previously interrupted. If you write, or in any case are looking for collaborations in this area, the Sun in this position will favour you: make a real effort and you will see that like magic you receive an offer from a newspaper or television channel! The same will also apply to collaborations possibly with web sites, or even if you were planning to start your own website or blog: well, this is an excellent time to do it! A lot more travelling. Possibly the purchase of a new computer, printer or most up-to-date mobile phone. There will be more talk about your brothers and sisters, cousins and / or brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law who during the year will come to assume a certain amount of importance.


It favours relationships in general and contact with others. Good news for those of you who have something to do with trade, even for writers working for magazines, daily papers, books, websites, television and so on. This could prove to be an excellent position for inspiration and for ideas in general. It is also possible, in the twelve months in which the Moon occurs in the third SR house that somehow your psychological dependence increases on brothers, sisters, cousins and / or brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law. You will have a desire to travel but this will hardly happen. For students there will be a low level of concentration on their studies or the level of concentration will alternate. You will think a lot about the possible purchase of a car or motorbike but you will not necessarily put this into practice.

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