Horoscope 2017

1st decan   November 23 - December 2
2nd decan  December 3 - 11
3rd decan   December 12 - 21

by Paolo Crimaldi

This 2017 will be marked by the responsibility and awareness given by Saturn in your sign until December 19th, but with no big sacrifices thanks to friendly Jupiter in Libra.
You will go ahead with the work you began a year and a half ago, but now you will be more clear-headed about your direction and will put up more optimistically with any price a deep change of your life will possibly require.
You are going through a phase of your life where change is needed, and the trine of Uranus in Aries has been encouraging that for some years now, also because you need to change your lifestyle, seize everything that happens to you without letting others enjoy it and give you nothing in return.

Saturn is teaching you to be less indulgent and more cautious, to watch out for possible competitors that are not always honest and loyal towards you. You will have to keep your eyes open faced with situations that require a stance and must be dealt with personally, perfectly aware of the role and responsibilities you are given in order to achieve the results you need to grow on a personal, social and professional level.
Therefore, do not delegate to others what you can do yourselves, but be at the forefront dealing with those problems that require your presence, and ask for help from someone trustworthy only when needed. You will be self-reliant and more appreciated, and will manage to deal with complicated situations without being weighed down by excessive stress and responsibilities.

Your love life will be satisfying, but your career is the area you should particularly focus on this year.
You will embark on new projects and will devote your time and energies to them body and soul. You will work almost obsessively on something that will turn out essential for your professional fulfilment.
You may be asked to put yourselves to the test in different tasks that require decision-making skills and to show your authority, charisma and devotion to what you believe. You will be totally absorbed in your work, which will be your trump card and key to a well-deserved success.

From March 13th to 31st and from April 20th to 28th the trine of Mercury in Aries will allow you to go ahead with many projects that seemed at a standstill. A breakthrough will also come from external situations that will help you hit your targets and have great results, also economically, since you can count on supportive Venus.
If you bump into some hurdles, do not give up, but make them your strong point, because it will give you the opportunity to show the world you are perfectly able to deal with setbacks skilfully and confidently.

From July 6th to 25th, Mercury will support you with a beautiful trine from Leo and will offer new creative energy, strength, vitality, determination, but also the opportunity to count on people who can help you in your social and professional climb. All your efforts will pay off and if you are looking for a job, you will have plenty of opportunities to find one or to get that long-awaited promotion. Try to always keep your promises and show yourselves devoted to your work, because you will be in the spotlight and may get noticed and offered a great job opportunity, maybe at the end of the year.

The long transit of Mercury in your sign, from November 5th to January 12th 2018, will be crucial to consolidate your success. This year, as already said, will see a breakthrough in your career if you have laid the right foundations over the past years, but also those of you who have not been worrying about their professional future will get something, when they will realise that hard work and commitment are needed, maybe just in these two last months of the year.

For many of you this transit of Mercury will bring satisfactions, some privileges and things that will give security to your life and will allow you to rest on your laurels, which is certainly a gift from Saturn, but above all the fruit of previous commitment, hard work and dedication.

Great news for love in the first part of the year, when the transit of Venus in Aries from February 3rd to June 6th will make you feel more energetic both physically and emotionally, and more determined and decisive towards your love interest.
Thanks to this long support by Venus, you may meet new people in a weird and sudden way, and experience both fleeting affairs or romances that will lay the foundations for a long-lasting relationship.
In other words, you will be asked to put your emotions to the test, to express them with no doubts or insecurities, because you will be appreciated and desired by those who will catch your attention.

This time is also right to restore passion and harmony in your relationship or make up for your possible aloofness and lack of passion: be generous, open and willing to start over, your relationship may experience a new emotional rebirth.

From August 26th to September 19th, another great trine of Venus in Leo will be supported by Mars. Another time of great passion, sexiness and desire to go out and mingle. Many of you may live some steamy summer flings, which will give your adrenaline a boost. But if you have been single for a while and want to invest your physical and psychological energies into something important, a casual fling may also turn into a more stable relationship.

Your love season will begin on December 1st and will end on 25th: another gift from the heavens that may bring the right person by your side to conclude in two this amazing but sometimes tough year.
Whether you are single or coupled, this time will be great to meet new people, fall in love platonically or live new emotional experiences to revive and consolidate your long-time relationship. The singles will meet new potential partners that can seem initially very different from their standards, but that can gradually become pleasant and passionate obsessions with whom to start the new year with a bang.

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