Horoscope 2017

1st decan   February 20 - March 1
2nd decan  March 2 - 10
3rd decan   March 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

In 2017 you will be asked to show maturity and moral strength, sometimes to put duty before pleasure and take on responsibilities that are necessary if you really care about some people and situations.

You must be ready not to back off faced with tasks that require your active presence, and above all you should behave conscientiously towards those who are putting you to the test to understand if they can really rely on you.
For that reason, you may feel as if you are being constantly put to the test, followed step by step, and as if all your choices and actions are being weighed up. This will certainly cause you stress and tension, a mixture of frustration, anger and helplessness, but it is a kind of training, something that will help you get rid in the future of the afterthoughts and feelings of guilt that generally control your life and prevent you from moving forward and get what you really want.

The square of Saturn in Sagittarius, which will be enhanced by Mercury in August, September and in the last two months of the year, will force you quite often to deal with thorny situations requiring your prompt intervention and a clear-cut stance, which you generally try to avoid and are not so good at.

The key word of 2017 is ďopening upĒ, speaking up for yourselves, being visible and unambiguous, getting out of those shadow zones that often hide your personality and donít let others see what you actually are, your potential and qualities.
Donít be afraid of facing major changes, taking on heavy responsibilities, because only in that way you will manage to reorganize your life, define your range of action where you can express yourselves freely and where all your efforts will pay off. Never question your mental and physical resources, even though sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of work and commitments.

This year, if you take on some challenges, you can finally spread your wings and start new situations that will be more in tune with your true way of being and living and will also encourage you to try new borderline existential dimensions that will be useful to figure out where to go and what is your stance.

On October 10th, Jupiter entering Scorpio will mark the beginning of a lucky phase of recovery and rewards, but on condition that you worked hard before, paying attention to all the details of an important project, whether it is in your career or in your love or family life.

In short, you need to set to work with commitment and determination, make the most of all your resources and never give something up that can promote your independence and security, even though that will sometimes require great efforts and cause some tension with the people near you.

The first testing ground of this long work of growth and stabilisation will occur with Mercury entering your sign on February 7th, until 25th: during this short but intense time, you can show the world your remarkable creativity, your determination in pursuing your goals, but also the deep sensitivity and empathy you show when you donít want to exclude others. At this time, you can do a lot to get noticed, to convince anyone who doubts your reliability that you are pragmatic people willing to take on challenges and loads of work to keep going after your goals and not to let down those who believe in you.

The first concrete results will come between May 16th and June 6th, thanks again to the sextile of Mercury in Taurus: you will have a clear-cut, pragmatic, also materialistic view of your merits and you will ask for what you deserve. Despite doubts and insecurities, you will realise that you will find it quite easy to get what you want, and you will be even encouraged to proceed, to the point that you will understand that you now belong to a recognised elite. This time is also especially fruitful to try to find a new, or first, job, or to ask for a transfer or change of tasks.

From June 21st to July 5th your creativity will be enhanced by Mercury again. You may also travel to places where your peculiar ideas and thinking will be especially appreciated. A happy time for the artists or those involved in jobs related to care and assistance.

From November 7th to December 1st, Mercury will trine your sign again. Now you can also count on the generous support of Jupiter, which will finally bring both spiritual and financial rewards and will allow you to conclude the year with new ambitions and feeling more independent on a mental and economic level.

Your love season will start on January 3rd and will end on February 3rd. You will experience all the facets and nuances of emotions and above all you will feel a great deal of passion and romance inside, due to the transit of Mars in your sign until the 28th. Therefore, all passionate flings and everything that involves heated pathos and emotional tension will be favoured, and long-time relationships too will find their long-lost passion and intimacy. Donít be afraid of loosening up and trying new ways of being with your significant other, but never forget to honour your commitments and respect the people that belong to your emotional sphere.

The transit of Venus in Cancer from July 31st to August 26th will offer moments of deep romance, but will also foster your desire for sharing and commitment, and if you have been alone for quite some time you may meet someone special who will make you feel so emotionally involved that you will start questioning most of your certainties.
So, get ready for intriguing and mysterious connections, but donít forget to immediately make it clear what you really want from a relationship.
Getting things straight is absolutely necessary in love, otherwise you may find yourselves trapped in some tricky situations again.

Finally, from November 7th to December 1st, Venus will be friendly again and will encourage you to experience unusual and quite peculiar emotions. Some secret affairs, or flings to be kept hidden inside your heart may come into your life and cause an emotional rollercoaster: an old flame may also reappear and give you romantic and passionate moments, able to heal old wounds.

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