Horoscope 2017

1st decan   September 23 - October 3
2nd decan  October 04 - 13
3rd decan   October 14 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

Jupiter transiting your sign until October 10th, supported by Saturn, will strongly foster all those projects that need a mixture of good luck and commitment, smartness and determination.

The year 2017 is likely to be the one when you will manage to reach several goals which will lay solid foundations for your future achievements. You are beginning to build something that gives you security and allows you to open up to different and unusual areas, as you have been encouraged to do by opposite Uranus in Aries for quite some time.
Actually, the time has come to pass from the planning and creative stage to the practical one, so you are likely to get involved in something that will require practical work, which will allow you to get concrete results and get what you really desire in the end.
Some dreams and ideals will get lost, but you will feel the need to grab something practical, concrete and have nothing but certainties in your hands. You will no longer accept promises that are not kept, will be less diplomatic and indulgent and will want people to just give you clear-cut and well-defined answers.

This change may annoy those that are near you and are used to your patience and kindness, but because of the long opposition of Venus in Aries, during most of the first part of the year, you will be less accommodating and wonít be afraid of clashing with anyone who refuses to recognise your new needs: you will follow your own path, unconcerned about anyone who does not accept this change, which is not a whim, but just the result of the psychological maturation you have been through, which asks you to start being the key player of your life and be aware that you canít please everyone.

All your relationships will be affected by the opposition of Venus in Aries from February 3rd to June 6th: you will deal with all those people who tend to take you for granted, never ask you what you really think or want. You are no longer willing to put up with this attitude and you will plainly make things clear, tactfully and kindly at first, but brutally if needed: you wonít care if they see you in a different light, and if, consequently, fights and conflicts will arise and expand to your family, circles of friends and all your interpersonal relationships in general.
You wonít feel so worried and anxious about that, but rather excited, because it will finally allow you to make those changes you had been avoiding for too much time.

The synergy between Venus and Uranus will help you deal with possible clarifications or break-ups head-on. All the relationships that no longer resonate with the new way you are living your life will be cut out.
Donít be afraid of showing what you have become, your true needs, donít be afraid of loneliness and isolation. Let the new into your life, you may be losing something but this is a price you can pay now, even though you may clearly feel pain and regret thinking of what might have happened and probably never will with that person.

This long transit of Venus will also bring new connections into your life, new people that will be radically different from anyone you have met in the past, and you may also fall in love with someone who will be diametrically opposite to your previous partners.
You feel a strong desire for emotional renewal, an urge to get rid of all the old hurdles that prevent you from fulfilling yourselves, and this will be possible through a new connection or a radical change of an existing relationship.

The New Moon on March 28th will be enlightening and will allow you to see clearly in yourselves and in your relationships, and understand what you really want from love. You will be given the right resources to take action and complete this change that you have been wishing for and that can no longer be delayed.

From July 5th to 31st, the trine of Venus in Gemini will give the changes of the first part of the year even more substance, and will relieve you of all the responsibilities and doubts that had been weighing on you. But the time is also right to meet new people, especially if you come out of a break-up and have not been willing or able to start something new. Take advantage of the summertime to start a new fulfilling romance which will make your self-esteem in love increase.

Your love season will begin on October 14th and will end on November 7th. Venus and Mars in your sign will make you experience romantic passion and the awareness that these emotions can turn into something more stable and long-lasting, if you are willing to take on the responsibility of a committed relationship.

As for your career, this year many dreams and projects that seemed to be in a state of limbo may finally come to fruition.
If they are within your reach and in line with your skills, there will certainly be opportunities to achieve these goals and see them materialize economically too, also quite quickly.

The time between February 7th and 25th is especially favourable to let these projects be known and give them your mental and creative energy. Donít be afraid of coming off as weird or intrusive if you really believe in what you are presenting, because only your determination will allow these projects to get started and be successful.

From June 6th to 21st, Mercury in Gemini trining your sign will help everything that started last winter come to fruition. You may develop new connections that may add prestige to what you are working on or allow you to take on new tasks, change position or workplace. If you are looking for a job, a friend may also help you get in touch with the right people.

From September 30th to October 17th, Mercury will transit your sign: at this time, you will make a first review of the year, which will turn out to be definitely positive, even though you may be required to change your perspective once again, which may initially cause some anxiety, but once it gets started it will trigger and strengthen all those unexpressed things that herald more successful achievements.

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