Horoscope 2017

1st decan   July 23 - August 2
2nd decan  August 03 - 12
3rd decan   August 13 - 23

by Paolo Crimaldi

2017 will be undoubtedly very important and full of satisfactions, a year when you will finally feel victorious in your social and love life after some years of stalemate.
All the challenges you have been through will finally pay off: now you will understand their value and how much they managed to change you, making you more aware of what you are and of the best strategies to achieve much more than before.
Now you are strategic, and pay much more attention to the other people, to their needs and ways of connecting with you, so you will stop feeling forced to do or give something just to live up to people’s expectations, since those who know you are aware that they can call upon your majestic generosity to get you to do something that you actually are not willing to do or that is not of your concern.

The sky will support you this year, with plenty of trine and sextile aspects encouraging you to strengthen your resources and not to back off faced with possible new challenges, which will promote your social and professional victory on all fronts.
Each of your actions will be aimed at a concrete target, without relying on fate or anyone’s help. You will take care of your resources and energies and won’t easily back off if there is something going on that can make your life more prestigious. Finally, your worth, skills and hard work will be acknowledged, but above all, you will be aware that you can count on resources that can let you into fields where you will feel totally at ease, and fully prepared to deal with possible setbacks or changes of direction.

You will feel so energetic that you won’t be able to stop, and you will realise that your moving forward step by step will bring you security, success and rewards, and your self-esteem will skyrocket, which may however lead you to make some mistakes, especially from October 10th, when Jupiter will enter Scorpio and start an annoying square. So, try not to count only on yourselves but listen to reliable people’s advice and don’t forget your past experiences, since they can help you avoid making the same mistakes and having to start all over again.

This year begins with a bang, with a powerful Mars at the beginning, especially in February and March. In February, you can also count on helpful Mercury, which will encourage you to put yourselves to the test and reap the fruits of your labour and true dedication on both a professional and financial level.
New job opportunities may come through between these two months, which will make you feel enthusiastic and eager to do your best, above all if you are ready to change your lifestyle and connections.

The month of May too will offer material and social surprises and rewards, which will push you to work harder and show the world your undeniable professional skills, also relating to the new things that have come into your life.

The time between July 6th and 25th will be great to get a promotion, to start a prestigious job or ambitious projects, which will bear fruit at the end of the year, thanks to the long supportive transit of Mercury.

Indeed, from November 5th to January 12th 2018 you will take stock of your life and the conclusions will be definitely positive, all your past work will be publicly acknowledged and new paths will open up in your career. You will taste power and success again, which mean so much to you.

As for love, Uranus urges you to make major changes and Saturn to take your relationships to the next level, which will easily happen in the first part of the year when you can count on the supportive trine of Venus in Aries from February 3rd to June 6th.
This is a long time when you can focus on your real emotional needs, deal with those matters of your love life that had not been addressed yet, but even more you will feel the urge again to love passionately, get deeply involved with your significant other, which will make you feel alive and ready for change in your social circles and love life.
You can take advantage of this frame of time also to make new friends, take part in interesting circles, also thanks to someone new who will come into your life and will stir passionate energy inside of you, which will definitely be good for your psycho-physical well-being.

Those of you who are already in a relationship will see their partner in a whole new light, which will rekindle the passion and will bring about new exciting ways of being together on an emotional and sexual level.

Your love season will start on August 26th until September 19th: enjoy these days to focus on your relationship, and if you are looking for a new partner you will have plenty of interesting opportunities to meet people, above all if you are not willing to immediately rush into a committed relationship but want to enjoy a light-hearted romance.

From December 1st to 25th, Venus will be supportive again and will help you meet interesting people that do not usually belong to your circles, or maybe on a trip, which will make your heart pleasantly throb. This time is also great if your relationship is going through a rocky patch and you want to put things right: you will have lots of opportunities for that, especially if you decide to change your attitude and way of communicating with each other.

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