Horoscope 2017

1st decan   May 21 - 31
2nd decan  June 01 - 10
3rd decan   June 11 - 21

by Paolo Crimaldi

This year will be undeniably affected by the opposition of Saturn in Sagittarius, which means for you to deal with responsibilities, duties and demanding situations that canít be delegated.
Sometimes you will feel as if the sky is persecuting you, but it will luckily be temporary, since you will be supported by the trine of Jupiter in Libra until mid-October.
You should take advantage of this support to put all your efforts of the past and present years into practice, since you will have the chance to implement some strategies aimed at playing leading roles in your personal, social and professional life. This way you will build new ďidentitiesĒ that will turn out useful to finally see your efforts and sacrifices bear fruit.

Actually, you are looking at and dealing with life in a different way, and feel ready to no longer give up something important for your life for the sake of your freedom, so, you will make clear, thoughtful and binding decisions aimed at consolidating something that is dear to you.
Many of you will probably feel ready to take on the responsibility of a major change for your life, which may be related to your career, such as changing your job or completing a project on your own, which had been shared with other people who left because of the amount of work it involves; or you may decide to move to another place, which may make you feel initially worried about starting over somewhere unknown. Or you may finally find your dream house and will be ready to make any sacrifice that will be required to buy it.

In short, you will have several opportunities to consolidate something important for your life, and the major changes that will come through will surely require a price to pay, but will also positively affect your future and give you the stability that had been missing in your life for long.

Your career will definitely benefit from this sky, even though you will have to deal with some stress during two time frames of the year: the first one from July 25th to September 30th, when Mercury in Virgo may step on your toes by causing misunderstandings with your colleagues or with those who are not so happy with your professional success. But it may also be about a new project that will require complete dedication: this may take a toll on your leisure time with your family and partner and cause some tension. Another stressful time will be from November 5th to mid-January 2018, when Mercury will oppose your sign: this may bring about a rebalancing of your work relationships rather than real changes, also because from December 20th Saturn will leave Sagittarius and will close a hard, heavy time of your life on a psychological level, but certainly useful to build a new social, professional and existential identity.

If you want to achieve important goals in your work, above all those still in a planning stage, take advantage of the quick transit of Mercury in Aquarius from February 7th to 25th. If you want to make your professional status change public, or put yourselves to the test in a new or unusual job, the transit of Mercury in your sign from June 6th to 21st will be a powerful support to succeed. But donít forget to highlight the time in your agenda that goes from September 30th to October 17th : this is the time you can ask for and get a lot, although this may make people around you jealous of your success.

Actually, anything you will do in 2017, if built on solid foundations, will be slowly and steadily developing and bearing fruits in the years to come as well, above all if you are determined to take on challenges in unusual work fields. Just remember that experiencing the new is for you reason for growth and joy, as well as an encouragement to move forward and overcome any possible stress or struggle these situations may involve.

As for love, the year 2017 is interesting indeed, because you will have the chance to experience new ways of being with your partner, and only at the beginning of summer you may come to a final decision, after dealing with different situations that have helped you figure out your real emotional needs.

The long sextile by Venus in Aries, enhanced by Uranus, from February 3rd to June 6th, will make the first part of the year very dynamic: you may meet a lot of people who will be important for your social and interpersonal life, but also for romance, and you may discover new and different ways of being with your significant other, which may lead you to make a final decision, most likely on the New Moon on May 25th.

If you are in a relationship, it will go through lots of emotional ups and downs, which however will be useful to put it to the test and make you totally sure that this is what you want and you are with the right person in the right place.
Remember that over these months, especially in April and May, when Mars will transit your sign, you will feel extremely passionate and ready to rush into affairs that can only afterwards become stable relationships; at this time, donít forget that calm is key, so donít make hasty decisions in the heat of the moment without thinking of possible consequences.

Your love season will begin on July 5th until 31st. If the connections of the first part of the year have not turned into a committed relationship, or have not given your relationship something more and special, this is definitely the right time to take advantage of a blessed sky and let the emotions sweep you off your feet, deciding to commit and enjoy anything beautiful and deep a relationship can offer. Of course, if you just want to enjoy a pleasant summer fling, or a steamy affair, this Venus wonít disappoint you: you will feel amazing emotions which may lead to more opportunities for playful and carefree romance over the rest of the year.

Venus will be generous with you from October 14th to November 7th as well, with more opportunities to enjoy your love life. Some romantic and passionate connections may come into your life, and may also be fated encounters, especially in October. This is also a good time to rekindle with your long-time partner and decide to take the relationship to the next level, get married or move in together.
After all, by the time Saturn definitively leaves the opposition to your sign, you will have inherited a baggage of responsibilities that will make your emotional and love life more stable.

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