Horoscope 2017

1st decan   December 22 - 31
2nd decan  January 1 - 10
3rd decan   January 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

What can we say about this new year? You will certainly be called to show your worth, your ability to deal with the different experiences of life with resilience, but at the same time you will feel inside an unusual sense of security that will be given by Saturn entering your sign at the end of 2017. This event, which is generally seen by other signs as heavy and complicated, is definitely reassuring and stabilising for you, since you know the influence of this planet so well and feel great affinity with it.

Therefore, we can say that this is a preparatory year for this important astrological event, when you will saw the seeds to successfully complete the projects you have been working on for the last years, whose realisation will bring you rewards and security both on a professional and financial level.

You will have to strictly focus on the details of what you already own, and this meticulous work will involve all your interpersonal relationships, where you will find yourselves to be more open to dialogue, more willing to live your social life light-heartedly and get great advantages on a personal level.

You are likely to make new friends, new connections that may turn out useful in the future and may also help you soften your strict character, change your personal perspective and allow you to get great results in your career because of that. You will finally manage to be more diplomatic, to stop seeing everything in black and white, and consequently to achieve goals that otherwise will be hard to get in such a short time.

The first part of the year is mainly marked by a harder work, aimed at organizing what you need for your professional fulfilment, so you will define a clear-cut borderline of your field of action, which will require great efforts, but you will handle that perfectly well thanks to a clear head and your full energies focused on the target.

From January 12th to February 7th, Mercury in your sign will make you start the year with a clear head and the desire to make it clear with yourselves and with others what you can and no longer can do in your work, and also in your family environment, since your work will just be your main priority in 2017. You may receive some economic support by someone who believes in what you want to achieve, and that will spur you to be successful in order to not disappoint those who have invested in your potential. If you are an employee, you may be asked to change your tasks, which initially may seem too heavy and not so gratifying: donít back off, though, accept it and try to improve it as much as you can, because it may turn out a stroke of luck over time and all your hard work and efforts will finally pay off.

Mercury will trine your sign from Taurus from March 31st to April 20th and from May 16th to June 6th: you will get the first achievements, maybe not so impressive yet, which will make you understand you are following the right path and it is worth going on despite the considerable amount of work and sacrifices you have to deal with. But hard work never scared you, above all when you begin to see potential results, which will certainly occur this spring. Some little rewards will come economically too, which will increase your self-esteem and encourage you to go further in your projects.
This is also a great time to apply for a new job or ask for a transfer, a change of tasks or anything that can give your career new stability.

Between July 26th to September 29th, except from a short break in the first week of September, Mercury will support you again thanks to the long trine in the sign of Virgo. Take advantage of it to plan all your moves for the last part of the year, when in a final sprint you will get your goal and also results on a financial level, thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio from October 10th.
This long time will also be fruitful to get rid of all those partnerships that no longer serve you and make you only waste your time and energies. You will cut out surgically, maybe causing some conflicts and discontent among those who have always counted on your support without giving anything in return.

As for your love life, the first part of the year wonít objectively be one of the best of your life, due to the long square of Venus in Aries from February 3rd to June 6th. Some disagreements will arise in your relationship, mainly caused by your work commitments and by the fact that you have to take most of the responsibilities on your shoulders: however, you should be aware that this is something you have created over time because of your unavoidable need to have everything you are interested in under control.
Now the load has become overbearing, or maybe you canít benefit from that as you did in the past, also because of the amount of work commitments and all the resulting stress, anxiety and aggressiveness that you will inevitably take out on your partner.
This may also be the time when you will put your relationship to the test, evaluate its stability, and you may finally become aware that it has no longer anything to give you, and decide to part ways.

Those of you who are single are likely to experience exciting and turbulent connections which in some cases, however, may turn, as June arrives, into something more steady and interesting than what it seemed at first.

From June 6th to July4th, the trine of Venus in Taurus will bring harmony in your romantic life and will help you settle all the conflicts that had previously arisen.
For those Capricorns who have been single for a while and are looking for a stable and long-lasting relationship, some good opportunities to meet someone special will come through. You may also decide to move in together or fix the wedding date.

From September 20th to October 14th, Venus in Virgo trining your sign will bring emotional clarity, and encourage you to make important decisions about your love life, plan significant events for the new year like the purchase of a new home or a pregnancy.

Finally, you will conclude the year with Venus in your sign from December 25th, which will mark the beginning of your love season. Should you still be alone, the Christmas holidays and the several social events of this time may be a great opportunity to strike up some significant connections for your love life.

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