Horoscope 2017

1st decan   June 22 - July 1
2nd decan  July 01 - 12
3rd decan   July 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

2017 will be a significant year for many of you, because it will bring about some major, undelayable changes which will lead you to make important and also unusual decisions, but definitely necessary if you want to turn your life around and stop being just a bored viewer to become the key player.

You are likely to feel inside the urge of the businessman/woman to go and get what you want regardless of anyone. Such ďselfishnessĒ and determination do not just seem like you, but they actually do, because you have realised that you canít count on anyone but yourselves, so you will show those around you that you are not the weak and fearful people you are often considered to be, but smart strategists and go-getters.

In other words, this year you will show your dark, tough, determined and sometimes unscrupulous side, which shows when the world has let you down and you fight to defend what is yours and belongs to your needs and personal well-being.
Of course, this new attitude, which will be enhanced by the squares of Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra, may not please everyone and the road will certainly be winding and bumpy. You will have to be ready for gossip and cheap shots also by those who seemed to agree with your new way of being, but just donít be afraid of facing head-on the detractors you will meet, because the first part of the year, until October 10th, before Jupiter will enter friendly Scorpio, will be a real battle field. However, from the spring you will feel totally in tune with your new way of being, and will make the most of it, also on a financial level.
You will consolidate your personal power, self-esteem and awareness of your true needs, which had often been ignored over the last years.

As for your career, you will have the chance to join new projects, which initially may not seem easy and useful to improve your life. But it is just an initial impression, something you will better understand after some months and will slowly get in tune with.
But you know pretty well that you are prone to first reject everything that is new and suddenly burst into your daily life, but then you assimilate it and make it a part of yourselves, so donít impulsively rush into decisions but take your time to figure it out and observe, whether it is about your work or love life. Do not answer in the heat of the moment, especially during the first three months of the year, but think things through and be as diplomatic as you can.

The first months may turn out really tough because of work and family commitments overlapping, which may cause some tension with those who seem to demand everything of you without letting you complain at all.
For that reason, you may be quite irritable and stressed out, and decide to get rid of all those things that are now dead weights and can be dropped with no regrets.
This will be necessary because the amount of work will be considerable and if you really want to achieve ambitious professional goals and be in the spotlight, you canít indulge in pointless distractions but channel all your creative energies into your work; you may seem selfish and insensitive, because for once in your life you will focus on yourselves and want to play the leading role, but you donít have to feel guilty for that at all.
It is now clear that this year your work, especially in its planning stage, will be very important, but the first concrete results will arrive from October 10th, when Jupiter enters Scorpio, and all your efforts and sacrifices will pay off, both on a social and financial level.

Take advantage of your great intuition thanks to Mercury in Pisces between February 26th and March 13th, to strengthen your resources, if dealing with a new or different job. Also, between June and July, you can count on the positive synergy between Mercury and Mars, which will encourage you to take action and quickly get those goals that seemed to be unreachable.

As for love, new and different experiences and relationships may come into your life, but your heart wonít be so easily won, since on one hand you will be focused on your career and on the other you donít feel ready to commit yet, because old wounds are still hurting.
This will mainly concern those of you who are single, who, apart from some nostalgia and need for romance, wonít feel a strong need for a committed relationship, at least until autumn. There is a chance for new love though, also from February, but only in October, after some ups and downs, you will be finally aware and sure you have found the right person. Long-time relationships will be affected by the hard square of Venus transiting Aries from February 3rd to June 5th and may go through a rocky patch and even decide to part ways if there is nothing left to say or do.

But letís just focus on the beautiful moments of the year: from January 3rd to February 3rd a romantic Venus in Pisces will help you rekindle with your partner or be swept off your feet by a new mysterious and intriguing connection.

Your love season will begin on July 31st and will end on August 26th: this is the time when you will be especially determined to find a real, passionate relationship and bring down all the walls you have put up in the last months, also because work will start to get going and you will feel less weighed down by responsibilities. This is also a great time to bring back harmony into a relationship or to decide to move in together.

From November 7th to December 1st the trine of Venus in Scorpio, beautifully supported by Jupiter, will help you make your love dreams come true: finding the right partner you have been searching for, or just reviving long-lost passion and harmony in your current relationship.

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