Horoscope 2017

1st decan   March 21 - 31
2nd decan  Aprile 01 - 10
3rd decan   April 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

2017 will be marked by important decisions about your relationships, whether they are love or professional ones.

Particularly the first part of the year will be focused on interpersonal relationships: you will have to deal with situations that require to be defined and to make those radical changes that you have been putting off for quite some time, despite the fact that you are naturally more prone to take action and quickly sort things out rather than to ponder and delve into things.
Actually, slowing your pace down depends on the trine of Saturn in Sagittarius, which will luckily last for the whole year and allow you to make wise and not impulsive decisions.
After all, you have become aware that taking action at the right time allows you to achieve so much more than what you would get by acting impulsively, so, although you have been feeling pushed by Uranus to make radical changes for some years now, you understand that you’d better wait for the right time to hit the target and make the most of the situation.

In other words, you have become more strategic, which could be annoying for those around you who used to see you as soldiers ready to fight when a problem arises. You have learned to control this behaviour, and despite a certain amount of healthy impulsiveness, you have understood that if you take your time to reflect, you can get amazing and long-lasting results.

During the first time of the year, Venus will conjoin Uranus in your sign, and this conjunction will benefit from the trine of Saturn in Sagittarius, which will definitely help you get big results in your interpersonal relationships, as well as on a financial level, thanks to a different way of developing strategic relationships which can turn out useful to get what you want from life.

You are likely to be “forced” to deal with unusual situations that you never thought would be suitable for you and feel at ease in different roles. You will show great diplomatic skills, and someone near you may fear this change of direction towards more mature, focused and far-sighting goals, not influenced by the heat of the moment.

Your love life will be in the spotlight thanks to the long transit of Venus in your sign from February 3rd to June 6th.
This is your long love season, a gift from the heavens to help you make a breakthrough in your love life, by severing ties or taking your existing relationship to the next level, but also by opening up to new love, to different relationships. The long emotional loneliness you have gone through in the past has resulted in a new awareness of the relationship, but you have also learned to stop building sand castles and be content with a solid stilt house, which is less flashy but more stable, less expensive and with the same view.
You will learn to go beyond appearances and the passion of the moment, as Saturn has been teaching you for some time, and will make the most of Uranus urge for change, which will finally find concrete realisation and will allow you to feel pleasantly fulfilled and satisfied with your love life.

Your love life will be at a turning point, special and life-changing connections are possible, above all from the end of April to the beginning of June, when you will also feel the beneficial influence of the trine of the North Node in Leo.
What you have experienced, built, changed in the past months will be definitively consolidated, you will be sure that you made the right choice and are going in the right direction, will feel fulfilled by the presence of your partner but first of all satisfied with yourselves and what you have managed to become.

The New Moon on May 25th may be the right time for that, but can also give you the opportunity to experience that fated connection, the one that can change your life for the better.

The second half of the year can also bring new chances of meeting people, or can help you improve your previous connections and make them even more special. You and your loved one may even decide to move in together or get married.

From August 29th to September 19th, Venus transiting Leo can promote new fated encounters, or may just make you realise how important your existing relationship is and encourage you to do something significant to make it even stronger and more stable. From December 1st to 25th, Venus in Sagittarius can make you meet someone who brings stability and certainties into your life, if you have just come out of a long-time relationship, and will mark the end of a very fruitful year for your love and personal life, a year of growth and maturation that will turn out useful for the years to come.

As for your career, 2017 will offer plenty of opportunities and rewards that will increase the results you got the previous year.
Many of you, however, will have to deal with the ever-growing feeling of social envy. The opposition of Jupiter in Libra until October 10th will stir people’s envy for your success, because you will be more free and unwilling to be manipulated, but also because your skills will be highlighted and no longer hindered by your impulsiveness, which led you to frustrate your efforts.
So, you may get attacked by those who seemed to be friends and colleagues, but don’t let their fruitless envy bring you down, and above all keep an eye on what you have achieved, don’t let others steal the fruits of your hard work.

The best time of the year to improve your career and to get some financial satisfactions will be the long transit of Venus in your sign during the first part and Mercury transiting Aries from April 20th to May16th. But great achievements and rewards in your professional life will also arrive with Mercury transiting Leo from July 6th to 25th, and Sagittarius from November 5th to January 12th 2018, especially if you have been working on a project or investing your potential and resources in something that will finally come to fruition and will make you realise that all your efforts have not been vain.

Your self-esteem will skyrocket and you will end this year with a significant baggage of emotional, psychological and material resources that will help you deal with life in a radically different way and be definitively done with a heavy chapter of your life.

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