Horoscope 2017

1st decan   January 21 - 30
2nd decan  January 31 - February 9
3rd decan   February 10 - 19

by Paolo Crimaldi

2017 will be a year of great expansion on a social and psychological-spiritual level, since many of you will feel the need to reorganize their life, find a new dimension of being with themselves and with others, but above all they will need to drop an old and unproductive way of thinking.

The rejuvenating influence of Jupiter will surely help you make this change, expand your personal boundaries and make new connections, also in totally unusual environments; you will also find new interests, which will encourage you to start new things and look at the world in a different way, more in tune with the deep changes you have been through over the last years and that now require to be channelled into something that creatively match your new view of life.

You may find new existential dimensions where to find people who share your views and are willing to put themselves to the test in projects that can seem impracticable but that, actually, will bear fruit already from the spring 2017.

Being clear-headed and obsessively go after what your new needs are will be a must this year. This will allow you to achieve those goals that initially may have seemed unreachable or useless for your life. You know well, though, that you have the power to foresee what the future trends will be, so you are not afraid of being considered weird or foolish people, but you should not let yourselves be hindered or involved in some negative thinking that could prevent you from chasing those crazy dreams that are essential for your physical and psychological well-being.

The sextile of Saturn will be a precious help you can count on also when things seem to be going wrong. You should develop resilience, that is the ability to deal with the hardship of life without giving up, but just floating in the storm in a flexible and dynamic way, which may not be one of your qualities but it is something you must learn this year if you want to achieve your goals.

You will also take advantage of the sextile of Uranus in Aries to get rid of old things that prevent new ideas and projects from flowing freely, and you will also get rid of those people who tend to clip your wings, stop you from trying new things that can become well-appreciated skills over time and can be a springboard for a future breakthrough in your career.

Between February 7th and 25th, Mercury will transit your sign, which will give your creative energy a boost and will make you feel like embarking on new projects which will gradually turn into real obsessions and will involve all areas of your life. You will be eager to use all your physical and mental resources to get your final goal, or at least to get it started. You are likely to strike up new connections, meet individuals whose creative personality is in tune with your new way of thinking and being, and you may also join groups that will encourage you to make unconventional decisions, which may cause some tension in your love relationship or, if you are single, looking for a partner wonít be your priority at this time.
In other words, this time will be hectic and full of pleasant surprises you will make the most of to give substance and form to new important projects.

Take advantage of the time between April 20th and May 16th, to further promote what is important for your career, speed things up and get noticed with no fear of being rejected, because should it happen it wonít be a failure but only a test that will make you change direction and keep pursuing your goal.

From June 7th to 21st, Mercury in Gemini trining your sign will make you more social and able to be more strategic towards the people who belong to your professional environment. This is a great time to submit new projects, have job interviews to change your tasks or obtain a transfer, or just to get noticed and apply for a new, or first, job.

The transit of Mercury in Libra from September 30th to October 17th wonít be less powerful. Now you can make an analysis of the year so far, and start to work on those things that can bear concrete fruit on an economic level. This means you have to only keep what can be practically invested, since, as the year 2018 comes, you will be asked not to waste energies and resources and above all to implement your management skills to consolidate the work carried out in 2017.

In love, the long transit of Venus in Aries from February 3rd to June 6th, will promote a rebirth of passion and emotions that had been dampened over time. All your senses will reawaken and your body will just seem an erupting volcano, to the point that your sexual drive will be irrepressible between February and March, and in May.
This situation will help you revive your relationship, or end it to make room for something else, for the vital energy of emotions that you had frozen, going against your nature that is generally restless and eager to take on challenges in the emotional and interpersonal sphere. Fated encounters may occur near the New Moon on March 28th and May 25th.

Between July 5th and 31st, the trine of Venus in Gemini will spice up your summer and promote new flings, which may also turn into something more stable. This time is also good to improve the communication with your partner.

When Venus is in Libra from October 14th to November 7th, many of you will feel the desire to be in a couple, and put aside your usual need for freedom, so you will try hard to find someone who wonít come into your life just to satisfy a temporary need of yours, or you will show yourselves more caring and affectionate with your partner on a daily basis. Just remember not to make promises you canít keep, and to always preserve your own space, where you can devote time to yourselves, because this is the only way the beautiful things of this time of your life will last and wonít vanish in a temporary experience that would end up becoming too oppressive and restrictive.

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