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What is the right job for me? Which profession is most in line with my aptitudes? Am I suitable for the role they offered me?

Understanding your own archetype can be of great help in identifying your ambitions and learning to use the talents you possess, making order in the chaos of the stimuli that you receive from the outside world and that are often confusing: it is very easy, for example, especially for insecure or particularly empathetic people, to internalize other people’s expectations.

The archetypes that are examined here are six: Prometheus or the creative, the Daimon or the guide, the Demiurge or the builder, the Cyclops or the planner, Atlas or the champion, Hermes or the communicator.

The six archetypes include a summary divided into five identical parameters for each profile, but with different percentages depending on the greater or lesser presence of the above-mentioned parameters in that particular archetype.

These items correspond to the so-called Big Five, that is the macro areas that are evaluated by human resources experts in the personality tests of candidates.

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