Solar Return advice

The advice consists of two steps, the first step involves collecting data and information necessary for the analysis.

You need to provide the following data by email :

  • Name, date, time and place of birth, time of birth must to be accurate and therefore has to be checked with the original birth certificate.

  • The place where you have spent the last SR.

  • A brief description of how your relationship life is going as well as your work life and your family and a summary of significant events that have characterized the past 12 months.

  • What are the goals you want to achive, if there are any scheduled events such as lawsuits, marriage or surgery, it is important to communicate it. What are the areas of your life that have greater importance for you and what are the ones that are less important at this time.

The second step includes analysis of your natal chart, of the yearly transits and of your SR calculated for the place where you are going to spend your birthday. Based on what emerges and the informations collected, the astrologer will advice the place where you can get the best astrological imprinting in order to achieve the goals you set for the year and, at the same time, protect those areas of the birth chart that are considered most at risk.

No magic potion, no miracle, but as the great astrologer says Ciro Discepolo "A good homeopathic treatment, a trip that protects us during the rest of the year, just as a very soft and warm scarf would do in a cold winter"

The written advice will be sent to you by mail with birth chart and SR chart and coordinates of the place you have to reach and the local time of your SR.

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