A few ideas and “tips” before, during and straight after your Solar Return trip

What you will find below is – without any pretence – a sort of Decalogue for “Astrological travellers” who, as we have already stated in this section dedicated to Active Astrology, do not travel for the same reasons as others. They do NOT go on a trip for tourism reasons, they do it for astrological reasons: in other words to celebrate their birthdays in the best place to ensure a could RSR (Relocated Solar Return), in order to guarantee themselves a year “protected” not just from several troubles but also often (absolutely!) from the stars.

The travel agent:
Whether you trust it or whether it has a good “name” the important thing is that it works well and is reliable, above all if you have to face a journey that lasts a number of days, with a number of connections and changes in hotels. Unless you are extremely good at organising journeys, avoid do-it-yourself travel which could perhaps cause you difficulties (like lost flight connections, unpleasant surprises once you reach your accommodation, unexpected supplements which you need to pay, and other aspects).

Your documents:
Always check months in advance that your passport has not expired because in certain countries they make you wait a month or even up to a month and a half to renew your passport. Always in relation to renewals and “visas”: if you are separated, always remember that if you’re leaving with a minor you also need the consent of your spouse to take the child abroad. Also, depending on the countries you visit make sure you get your visas in time so that you are allowed to visit them. Obviously you will have the travel agency to help inform you of these things, but it is also a good thing if you remember it yourself.

Your luggage:
Always and in any case take it by hand. Whether you will be going to isolated beaches in Brazil or to Norway, you must always and only bring one piece of luggage, especially if you need to make flight connections. The aircraft could be late and you could find yourself in trepidation waiting for your luggage. Why?
Are you perhaps one of those people who find it difficult to make short work of things? In this case get yourself a suitcase in stretch fabric which allows you pack more things, being careful, however, not to exaggerate because if your luggage is over the weight safety limits permitted at airports they will in any case force you to send it and all your efforts will have been in vain.
Thus, if for example you have to go to a country in the northern hemisphere (Canada, Greenland, Norway, Siberia, Alaska etc) put on the heaviest possible boots that you have chosen for your trip even if you are leaving from Rio de Janeiro or Miami, so you will already save quite a lot of space in your hand luggage. Is the concept clear?

The duration of your trip:
If you stay away a week by choice – because you want to have a nice holiday and you can afford it – or because you have to (including flights there and back, extras and hotels for a few days it would cost you a fortune) bring the smallest amount of clothes you can with you, and have a good holiday.
If instead the time you have available for your trip is much “tighter” (for work, health or other reasons) and you are forced to quickly “go, finish off and return” and you have to wait at an airport in a foreign country for a few hours and then immediately return, which in certain countries could be looked upon with suspicion and could cause you problems, bring one of Ciro Discepolo’s books with you, in which everything is explained and they have been translated into various languages; there are numerous books you can choose from!

Return trip:
Always leave two, three or even four days in advance of the date of your return in order to avoid the usual difficulties or hitches that may arise; from the loss of a connecting flight to a sudden temperature which assails you or perhaps one of your children (there are numerous possibilities that once again the excellent Ciro Discepolo tells us about, which shows that the resistance to leave for an astrological trip are varied and numerous and our subconscious often works against us in relation to them).

The return trip: in this case it depends on the type of RSR you have decided to carry out. However, having got this far you probably have a bit of experience and certainly understand that you have travelled to place (as we often recommend doing) Mars and/or Saturn in your SR 3th and 9th houses (trips to destinations close by and far away) and that it would be better, once the return of the Sun has occurred, to immediately plan the journey to get back home in order to avoid the various bad connotations with the 3th/9th house. By this we mean aggression from foreigners, possible difficulties such as the loss of flight connections or luggage, sudden illnesses or sickness during the trip and so on.

In general you can return even an hour after the “Return” has taken place, but if you decide to remain in the location of the RSR for longer to enjoy a holiday, as mentioned earlier, then have a nice holiday!

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