Lunar returns: the dating of events

The Lunar return, as you can easily deduce, helps us to investigate, month after month, the individual events already foreseen by the SR chart (or RSR) in progress.
The way to understand and interpret it, in the article where we describe what RL are and what they are about, is similar to that of the SR but with the difference that we will hold in greater consideration those LR that highlight particularly negative markings, like the Ascendant in three houses 1th, 6th and 12th, the Sun or Mars or a stellium in the same houses, especially if before it there is a terrible SR and the indications of the LR are confirmed by the SR: then it will be particularly in these months that we will check the events signalled by the SR.
Alternatively if we start from a brilliant RSR, we will not worry too much if during the year we must face LR which also have strongly negative values, since we know that they will not influence the final outcomes in any way. If anything, we will concentrate on those LRs that are in line in terms of meanings and values to our RSR in order to determine the periods in which we will be able to benefit from the best opportunities which arise during the course of the year. Always remember to integrate the interpretation of the LR along with the on-going SR and the transits of the planets. Otherwise, if you do not use this method, you will risk losing very important details which help to make your forecasts as precise and reliable as possible.

The two examples explained below are events that really happened.
The first example is described by a person who had a good RSR and during the year a rather difficult LR.
In 2007 I advised a person to go to Cairo for his SR putting his Jupiter and Moon in the tenth house. This person – who in that year was waiting for his work to become popular again – had also, however, agreed to “place” a Saturn in the 6th house (“But why?!?!? Is it not a dangerous house?!?!?!” Stay calm … carry on reading!) but in co-habitation with Venus also in the 6th house to protect the health of this person from that Saturn. I therefore put it to this person that he might have had some "difficulty" in terms of his health (Saturn in the 6th house of RSR) but that with Venus in co-habitation in the 6th of RSR, everything would resolved for the better.
In fact, in August, when this person, who was on holiday (without having chosen to voluntarily "relocate" his LR), was affected by the LR with an Ascendant in the radix fourth house (which doesn’t have much effect), but with the Moon conjunct with Uranus in the 6th house of LR, then the 6th house = health, and lastly a Mars in cusp between the eighth and ninth house (journeys far away from home!), the person caught a virus that forced him to return quickly home with a high fever for fifteen days, although everything was then resolved for the better and without leaving any trace at all.
What does this all mean? That the LR which the person had "caught” by being on holiday with the Moon and Uranus in the 6th house - health of the LR plus Mars in the 9th house - journeys of the LR, had acted in the direction of the RSR which was in any case a good RSR but that had Saturn in the 6th of the RSR, or rather the LR was "modulated" in the direction already indicated before the RSR, which however with the presence of Venus in the 6th of the RSR had equally protected this person.

Another example which instead describes a person who had not wanted to move because his birthday was coming up, whom as a result was affected by a very bad BSR and subsequently, during the year, a much worse LR.
In 2006 this person had not wanted to move from Milan and caught a truly bad RSR with an Ascendant in the radix 12th house and a stellium (accumulation) of planets: the Sun, Neptune and Uranus in the SR 6th house.
Bear in mind that what this person wanted above all in that period of her life was to manage to have a child (having already reached 42 of age a child was strongly desired) and "miraculously" in 2005, with a spectacular BSR – still in Milan - she actually managed to become pregnant.
Clearly I then implored her to move because after so many sacrifices, to pass a pregnancy "under" that bad RSR of 2006 was close to suicide. Unfortunately she did not listen to me, and on the contrary she challenged me in a pleasant way “You see? You tell me of bad omens but everything is going well …” I obviously thought that “it was better this way”.
However, when the LR came to her with an Ascendant in the radix 6th(!) and the Moon of the LR in the 6th house - health of the LR (!), the Sun of the LR in the 1st house and a lethal stellium formed by Neptune, Venus, Uranus and Mercury in 12th house, the poor woman, suddenly had complications, and was forced to abort the child. Therefore, with a very bad BSR behind her, when the bad LR also came along, it changed things “for the worst” in the direction of the worst BSR, making the serious event happen.

Notice the difference between the first and second example (the first and second person), which, let me say again, are true events: both the bad LRs told us of problems tied to the 6th house - health of the LR, but look at the difference in terms of results in practice! In fact, one of the two people involved had the protection of a very good RSR and was barely affected while instead, the other had a very bad SR on-going and underwent serious consequences caused by the bad LR!

Having said this, always remember, as we have already mentioned in other parts of this section dedicated to Active astrology, that even when those close to us depart, or we help them depart, we cannot save lives or kill anyone: is that clear? At most we can without doubt make noble attempts “to protect ourselves” against possible troubles.

Now, finally, a “gem” for fans of astrology: already in 1947 the French Astrologer J. Méry guessed the importance of LRs for precise forecasts on a monthly basis, and he published a book – which is now absolutely impossible to find - entitled “lunation in astrology”. In this book the scholar mentioned “monthly references”. His was therefore one of the first attempts in the 20th century to apply the LRs as a systematic method of forecasting to date events with greater precision.

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