The exorcising of symbols and Active Astrology

The heading of this article fully expresses the idea, the nucleus, the heart that gives the name to the Astrological school of Active Astrology, whose undisputed primogeniture is the exclusive and total prerogative of the great scholar and astrologer Ciro Discepolo.
Active astrology puts forward the idea of a human being who does not wait and passively "suffer" the approaching of possible hard transits of planets over his/her head but instead supports the idea of a human being who is "proactive" in trying - and this Astrological School demonstrates that this is possible - to weaken the negative transits and to enhance the positive ones.

How? Firstly, by trying each year to obtain the best RSR, taking a trip each time the astrological configuration requires it; and then by exorcizing the symbol represented by the "unfavourable" planet transiting through the houses of your birth chart or placed in the houses of your SR chart. These two concepts – relocating your SR chart and exorcizing the symbol – are therefore the idea on which is based the Ciro Discepolo’s Astrological School, called Active Astrology.

But what does exorcising the symbol of a planet mean?
The concept of “exorcism” defined by Ciro Discepolo is borrowed from psychoanalysis, which is originally called "constellation of the symbol" where "constellation" means: activate the symbol, live it, put it on stage.
Astrologically speaking what do we have to activate, live, put on stage? The symbol obviously represented by the planet transiting through a house of our birth chart, even more if it is an important transit, often a hard one. Thus, that symbol represented by this planet is something we are afraid of, especially if it regards Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

So what do we have to do? What does Active astrology advise us to do? To “activate ourselves” in time, before the transit of that planet, and so that its symbol is "activated" by itself. Let’s take an example.

A person knows that Saturn is about to pass through his eighth house: it will not be enough for him to tighten his belt as much as possible. Rather, if the person spontaneously requests (thereby activating the symbol) his bank for a mortgage - perhaps to buy a house or to restructure the one he already owns - here he will have "given" Saturn whose symbol, represented by its transit in the eighth house, expects: sacrifice, accountability, commitment, effort; which are all meanings tied to Saturn and obviously in relation to the money - the eighth house.

Another example: another person knows that – always in regard to Saturn – that it is about to pass through his third house, which as well as symbolising brothers and the sisters, little journeys, studies, the car and communication in all its meanings (such as the telephone, computer, fax and newspapers), also represents the third sign of the zodiac: Gemini, strongly connected to the subject smoke - cigarettes. Therefore, what will this person spontaneously do considering the transit of Saturn in his third house? He must try to stop smoking and he will “deprive himself” of the cigarettes-third house, without instead waiting for Saturn “by itself” to take something away that is perhaps much more annoying from the third house: for example, a "significant" problem with his car which would force him to get another or his computer out of use for a rather long time and so on. Another way to positively "unload" Saturn in the third house might be that of starting to study again – perhaps even at fifty years of age! - which requires considerable commitment and a sense of "sacrifice", which might also be a good "pawn" for Saturn in the third house.

However, now let’s move on to an example with a favourable planet like Jupiter. Let’s imagine that the planet “of good fortune” transits in your second house. “So what?” You may say … “it’s for the best!” Instead it is not always the case because Ciro Discepolo has led us to discover that Jupiter in the second house (as in the eighth house) can act as a “bi-stable oscillator”, or rather not only increasing the incoming of money but also producing real, unexpected and conspicuous financial losses. How can we reduce this possible risk with Jupiter transiting the second house?
Simple! It is better to decide to invest your money spontaneously in buying a very expensive item but which in time will acquire value, rather than spending it compulsively or worse before Jupiter “takes it away from you” because of unexpected tax arrears or cheques that bounce that you "receive" without knowing it, or you are the victim of theft etc.

Behind this concept, as well as that of “making the symbol live” there is also the question of sacrifice, just as the ancient Greeks did for their gods. Also, is it not perhaps the symbol that is central to these myths of ancient Greece that we still attribute to the planets from which they take their name? Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto … then the sacrifice as an “anticipation“ of the transit when it is about to happen.
Thus, “to pay a price”, by offering a sacrifice which has something to do with that symbol: something that is sufficient to "unload" the bad transit represented by that symbol.

Another example, which is mentioned by Ciro Discepolo: a long time ago a lady was getting ready to experience the transit of Saturn (we talk often about Saturn because it is one of the planets that we most fear) in hard aspect to her radical Venus; at the time the lady had a relationship with a man who lived in a distant city and whom she would see twice a month: what did Ciro Discepolo advise her to do? Starting a little earlier compared to the relevant transit, and obviously for the whole period of the aforementioned transit, Discepolo recommended further limiting the frequency of their get-togethers and that in fact it would have been better to try and avoid seeing him at all! The lady did this literally and as soon as the transit of Saturn ended, everything went back to normal.
To quote Discepolo's words: “Saturn “got” what it wanted: sentimental mortification, the subtraction of loving enthusiasm, the temporary death of sentiment and sex”, the lady intelligently let “the ghost” act, represented by the transit of Saturn in bad aspect to her Venus and beat that transit because her relationship did not come to an end at all, and instead of waiting for the transit to deliver its effects by itself, but acting directly in time and in advance in this respect, she exorcised the symbol.

Exorcising the symbol is particularly recommended for all those who for various reasons have not been able (or wanted) to move on their own birthday, thereby suffering a bad BSR.
Nevertheless at times exorcising the symbol is also recommended for those who leave, but have had a Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto placed in the 12 ^, 6 ^ or I house in their SR chart. I can already imagine the comments of those who are reading this: what?!?!? Are they not the three dangerous houses for which you must not place an Ascendant or another planet?
Yes it is true. In fact, no Active astrology scholar will ever make anyone travel to place an Ascendant of an SR in the three houses mentioned, and nor will they put the Sun or Saturn in the same, or - worse still - along with Mars; but having said this it is also true that sometimes to obtain substantial advantages (good planets in the tenth house at the same time as a good Ascendant of an SR, or else other advantages) is possible, for example, to place a Saturn (Alone! Never forget that there must not be other planets in co-habitation in the same house, unless they are Venus or Jupiter!) in the 12 ^, 6 ^ or I house in a SR chart.

Well, what should you do in this case? Even if we have left for our journey, it will in any case be appropriate to try to "unload", in other words exorcize that Saturn, let’s say, in the first house. But how can this be done?
Well, for example Saturn in the I house means having a year with “death in your heart”, so we will have several ways of exorcizing it and for the whole year described by the SR in question we might force ourselves to become frugal as per the following examples:

- a healthy and strict diet.
- not eating even one ice cream or dessert for the entire year.
- take on more responsibility overall, in everything we do during the entire year.
- To spontaneously go to the dentist - this thing about the dentist is something Saturn (which concerns everything regarding bones and teeth) likes quite a lot - even six or seven times during the year, and for example to decide to have a gingival curettage, which is not exactly a piece of cake...

To conclude this article dedicated to the School of Active astrology, to give you a better understanding of the effectiveness of the two actions contemplated by Active astrology (departure for a trip on your birthday and the exorcising of symbols), we will give a "little rule" for you below which is provided by Ciro Discepolo, the father of the Active Astrology, in terms of percentage points:

- to move on our birthdays to obtain the best possible RSR protects us about 80-85 % and helps us reach our goals.
- Exorcising symbols protects us about 40-50 %

Also remember that in relation to moving on the day of our birthday to a propitious location, or rather to relocate a SR, it does not make very much sense to do this for a year or two in succession and then to stop perhaps to start again two years later in great haste because things are not going well. This behaviour risks making the effects of the RSR vain because they work exactly - as once again Ciro Discepolo explains - according to the mechanisms that are generated with the continuous taking of vitamins or homoeopathic treatment: both cures (homoeopathic - pharmacological and astrological) have a prolonged effect and thus work well only if repeated constantly over time. In particular the RSR works with tangible effects only if it is repeated year after year.

We like the idea of finishing this article dedicated to the core of Active astrology with the motto coined by Ciro Discepolo to define his school: "Choose to seize opportunities”.

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